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GOLDEN: Jan. 6th heroes deliberately snub McCarthy & McConnell at medal ceremony

GOLDEN: Jan. 6th heroes deliberately snub McCarthy & McConnell at medal ceremony

GOLDEN: Jan. 6th heroes deliberately snub McCarthy & McConnell at medal ceremony

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The brave police officers, the heroes who defended our democracy on January 6th were finally recognized Tuesday with a Congressional Gold Medal ceremony led by outgoing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in the Capitol Rotunda.

That’s far too long to have waited to honor our heroes, in my opinion.

The House voted to award the gold medals in June of 2021, but 21 vile and disgusting traitorous House Trumpblicans voted against it.

The Senate passed the legislation by voice vote, with no Republican objections.

And don’t think for one minute that any of those officers have forgotten who stood with them and who stood against them.

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Hero + Shero

Every single one of the heroes who received a Congressional Gold Medal refused to shake Mitch McConnell’s hand.

Please bottle this delicious shade so I can sip from it whenever I need a boost.

The AP reported that the medals will be placed in four locations to honor the hundreds of officers who risked their lives to protect our democracy on January 6th: U.S. Capitol Police headquarters, the Metropolitan Police Department, the Smithsonian Institution, and the Capitol itself.

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President Joe Biden said when he signed the legislation last year that a medal will be placed at the Smithsonian museum “so all visitors can understand what happened that day.”

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In her opening remarks, Speaker Pelosi praised the heroes for “courageously answering the call to defend our democracy in one of the nation’s darkest hours” when we all witnessed thousands of Trump supporters marauding through the halls in their failed attempt to stop Congress from certifying Joe Biden’s legitimate election.

Spineless traitor Kevin McCarthy was also on hand, even though nobody wanted him there.

You might recall “Kremlin Kevin” from his spineless phone call to Trump on January 6th as MAGAts tried to break his office window.

“Well Kevin,” Trump famously replied when McCarthy begged him to call off the crowd, “I guess these people care more about the election than you do.”

McCarthy also stood on the House floor and blamed Trump for January 6th, then immediately went to Mar-a-Lago to beg forgiveness.

It’s so gross that everyone in the GQP isn’t in prison right now.

Happily, Twitter users were celebrating the officers’ true heroism while also reminding everyone else exactly where Congressional loyalties remain to this day.

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