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GOLDEN TICKETS: Rich donors are lining up to kiss DeSantis’s…ah…ring

GOLDEN TICKETS: Rich donors are lining up to kiss DeSantis’s…ah…ring

If you’ve got a cool million dollars lying around, you could use it to get the top package offered for the second inauguration of Ron DeSantis as Florida governor.

Only five such “VIP” packages will be given, and another five for those willing to pony up half a million, according to

The million-dollar deal gets you ten tickets to the Inaugural Ball and other events, a photo with the governor, and the honor of being an “Inaugural Chair.” The half-million dollar donation gets you all of the same, save for the fact that you’re listed as a “Host Committee Sponsor” – so $500,000 for a different title.

DeSantis has broken all fundraising efforts for a governor since January of 2021, raising some $164 million. As Bloomberg has noted, this is even more than that raised by Donald Trump, who took in $161 million.

There’s been a lot of big money involved — A LOT.

Bloomberg’s assessment is that 60% of DeSantis’s donors have given $50,000 or more, while a mere 3.5% gave less than $200. At least ten billionaires have made donations, including former Trump Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, who made a minor contribution of $5,500.

According to, Dick and Elizabeth Uihlein’s company, Uline, coughed up $500,000.

Yet the biggest donor to DeSantis thus far has been Robert Bigelow, founder of Budget Suites of America and an avid UFO enthusiast who has also conducted “research” into finding the human soul.

In July, Bigelow dropped a $10 million donation to DeSantis. In return for his mega-contribution, Bigelow got a private sit-down with the governor, who was nice enough to come to him in Las Vegas (though, for $10 million, I’ll meet you at the bottom of the ocean, if you ask).

Now, we cannot say for sure how many of these people will be attending the two-day inaugural celebration, but it’s certainly a possibility that some will be there.

DeSantis is also popular with energy execs. As first reported by E&E News, some of these people, now happy to cut checks for the governor, previously supported Dirty Donald.

For instance, Andrew Sabin of Sabin Metal Corp, who gave Trump $125,000 in 2020, said he’s “not giving him a nickel” this time around, but is “all in on DeSantis.”

Kelcy Warren of Energy Transfer gave millions to Trump in the past, and was seemingly rewarded when Trump issued an executive order rescuing the company’s Dakota Access Pipeline almost immediately after assuming office. He gave fifty grand to the Friends of DeSantis super-PAC. So did Syed Javaid Anwar of Midland Energy, who’d once forked over more than $600,000 to Trump’s campaign.

Koch Industries has so far given $25,000, though the Koch brothers (one now deceased) notably did not support Donald Trump. The $25,000 is probably just Charles Koch sticking his toe in – he is, after all, worth almost $60 billion.

Spots at the inauguration – and in the line to kiss Ron’s ring – are filling up. If you hurry, though, you might be able to get your stake in DeSantis now!

As we’ve seen, for $10 million he’s evidently willing to hear out theories about alien landings.

Maybe $20 million will reserve you your own personal room at the White House once he’s in!

Or perhaps $25 million will get you the use of Air Force One for a day!

And I’m sure Elon Musk would be interested in the nuclear codes if DeSantis is willing to part with those.

How about 50 mil? Would that be enough? Or a hundred? I mean, Elon spent $44 billion to be the top Tweeter, he’s gotta be willing to pay a lot to be able to destroy a country.

Ross probably won’t be at the DeSantis inauguration, but you CAN find him on Twitter, fighting Ron and Elon. @RossRosenfeld

Ross Rosenfeld

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