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COMIC KARMA: Madison Cawthorn hit with $15K ethics fine for promoting Biden-hate coin

COMIC KARMA: Madison Cawthorn hit with $15K ethics fine for promoting Biden-hate coin

COSMIC KARMA: Madison Cawthorn hit with $15K ethics fine for promoting Biden-hate coin

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While he may be a stranger to logic and common sense, Madison Cawthorn is certainly no stranger to controversy.

The former North Carolina rep and Trump acolyte – defeated in his Republican primary bid and so likely to become a fixture in the Hall of Losers at Mar-a-Lago – had perhaps the most tumultuous, scandal-riddled freshman term of any congressperson in history.

Highlights of his young (and, fortunately, apparently brief) political career include speaking at the “Stop the Steal” rally that precipitated the January 6 attack (which he later defended); calling the attackers “political hostages” (brilliant); referring to Volodymyr Zelensky (now Time’s “Person of the Year”) as a “thug”; and accusing his fellow congresspeople and Republican colleagues of engaging in drug-infused sex orgies.

His status among conservatives was also undoubtedly hurt by photos that emerged of him in women’s lingerie at a party and naked with another man in a bed.

Meanwhile, he’s raged on about a lack of proper “masculinity” in America:

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He’s also had several other legal and personal issues emerge. These include two charges of bringing a loaded gun to an airport (genius); driving with a suspended license; and allegations of sexual harassment from various women in college (and remember, he’s only in his twenties).

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We can now add to this list serious ethics violations as a member of Congress for insider trading and disobeying disclosure regulations.

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Ironically enough, it was a fellow North Carolina Republican, Senator Tom Tillis, who first called for an investigation into Cawthorn’s involvement in a cryptocurrency called “Let’s Go Brandon.”

If you’re not familiar with the “Let’s Go Brandon” slur, it’s a Republican way of saying “Fuck Biden,” the man who Cawthorn has called an “inept, geriatric despot.”

Well, now the “geriatric despot” is getting the last laugh.

For starters, the LGB coin is essentially worthless, with a current value of $0.000000001614, according to

Cawthorn was originally awarded 180 billion LGB coins at a reduced price for his involvement. He apparently still has over 15 billion left, worth around $350 if he can find a bozo to buy them.

But he’s been hit with over $15,000 in ethics fines from the Congressional investigation inspired by Tillis, so it’s likely Mr. Mad will take a loss on it all, even though he dumped many coins before his involvement was exposed.

The House Ethics Committee investigating the matter found that the former rep failed to properly disclose his involvement. Its report, unanimously adopted, did not reach a consensus as to whether to officially reprove Cawthorn, but his actions were clearly condemned.

It’s likely that only Republican reservations kept the report from going further. It included this rather unusual line:

“The ISC [Investigative Subcommittee] found that Representative Cawthorn improperly promoted a cryptocurrency in which he had a financial interest, in violation of conflicts of interest rules set forth in House Rule XXIII, clause 3 and paragraph 5 of the Code of Ethics for Government Service. However, the ISC did not reach a consensus on whether Representative Cawthorn intended to personally profit from his promotional activities.”

If he hadn’t intended to profit, what exactly was the motivation?

Regardless, we can at least say this: the coins are now worthless, Madison Cawthorn is packing his bags, and Brandon is still in the White House!

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