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ON THE RUN: Rudy Giuliani’s Russian spy buddy just indicted on multiple felony counts

ON THE RUN: Rudy Giuliani’s Russian spy buddy just indicted on multiple felony counts

Rudy Giuliani's Russian spy buddy just indicted on multiple felony counts

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Andriy Derkach, an associate of Rudy Giuliani who has been accused of contacts with Russian intelligence agencies, was just charged with money laundering by the Department of Justice.

Derkach, a former member of Ukraine’s parliament, was also indicted on multiple counts of bank fraud and evading sanctions.

Derkach was sanctioned by the Trump administration for being an agent of Russia and for waging war on the U.S. system of democracy and spreading lies in an attempt to unjustly influence the country’s electoral process.

The son of a former KGB officer, the Ukrainian legislator gave Giuliani false information about President Joe Biden’s family while seeking to enjoy the benefits of living the American dream.

The DOJ’s complaint alleges that Derkach purchased a pair of Beverly Hills condos for $4 million using a shell company to obscure his ownership.

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Prior to the 2020 election, the former President alleged the foreign politician of being “an active Russian agent for over a decade,” according to Rolling Stone.

“While participating in a scripted Russian disinformation campaign seeking to undermine U.S. institutions, Derkach simultaneously conspired to fraudulently benefit from a Western lifestyle for himself and his family in the United States,” said Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael J. Driscoll in a press release accompanying the charges.

Derkach played a key role in spreading such misinformation as claiming that Biden tried to stop an investigation into corruption at the Ukrainian company, Burisma, where his son Hunter was employed at the time, a rumor that was never proven or substantiated.

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In 2019, Giuliani met with Derkach in Ukraine, around the time that Trump was trying to get so-called dirt on his would-be opponent for the Presidency in 2020.

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In May 2020, the spy released taped recordings of conversations between then-Vice President Biden and the former President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko.

According to The Washington Post, Derkach claimed the tapes were given to him by “independent journalists” and made by Poroshenko himself.

Though warned about his friend’s nefarious dealings on behalf of the Kremlin, Giuliani dismissed the accusations.

He told The Daily Beast in October 2020, that there was only a 50% chance that his buddy was a Russian spy.

“The chance that Derkach is a Russian spy is no better than 50/50,” he said, before launching into a baseless conspiracy theory that George Soros was behind the allegations against the foreign agent.

He must have forgotten the part that it was Trump’s administration that sanctioned Derkach.

Derkach is wanted in Ukraine, for accepting money from Russian intelligence and working to help fuel President Putin’s illegal war on the sovereign country.

There’s currently a warrant out for Derkach’s arrest, but his whereabouts are currently unknown.

Original reporting by Adam Rawnsley at Rolling Stone.

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