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LINES DRAWN: MAGA Congresswoman tells voters to keep Ron DeSantis in Florida

LINES DRAWN: MAGA Congresswoman tells voters to keep Ron DeSantis in Florida

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Donald Trump’s supporters may love Florida Governor Ron DeSantis — but, as evidenced by a recent speech from Marjorie Taylor Greene, that doesn’t mean all of them support him in running against their chosen idol as a potential president.

DeSantis has made no declarations, but he does have supporters urging him to get in the race, and it is widely speculated that he’s been preparing himself for candidacy.

Trump himself seems to believe that the Florida Governor is a likely primary challenger, and has already lashed out at him and demanded acknowledgment of his own orange supremacy.

Now some of Trump’s most vocal defenders and supporters are jumping on board to declare they like DeSantis, but think he should stay right where he is, and let Trump aim for the White House unchallenged.

Greene is among these.

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Greene spoke at the New York Young Republicans’ Club event over the weekend, and clips from her speech are slowly leaking out.

Among the most recent to be revealed is the moment when she told the audience that if Florida likes DeSantis, they should keep him, and let him be Governor for a few more terms.

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Greene told the audience:

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If you like Ron DeSantis, great. You know what Florida should do? They should give him a third term.

She suggested this was not about keeping a contender out of the presidential race, or mention Trump, but claimed that it is about creating and keeping “as many solid red free states as possible.”

However, she’s tweeted a long thread before expressing her view that Republican governors, including DeSantis, Brian Kemp in Georgia, and “hopefully Kari Lake” in Arizona (this was before Lake’s loss was certified), shouldn’t listen to “consultants who make a fortune” and cut their gubernatorial terms short to run for president.

She said in November that this “hurts our country overall [because] it cuts short their great leadership and long term Republican success for the states they govern, leaving those states weak and vulnerable to poor leadership or even Democrat control.”

Greene does not seem to have expressed this view before one of those governors was seen as a potential 2024 threat to Trump’s attempt to return to power.

Watch below:

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