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SCARED STEVE: Bannon appeals contempt of Congress conviction

SCARED STEVE: Bannon appeals contempt of Congress conviction

SCARED STEVE: Bannon appeals contempt of Congress conviction

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Hot tip: if you don’t want to go to prison, don’t do anything that requires Congress to send you a subpoena, like conspiring to overthrow the government.

But if you just can’t somehow manage to live that way, then don’t duck a subpoena from Congress that would then result in a contempt charge and an all-too-brief prison sentence.

I might be getting a little specific, probably because I specifically mean traitorous shuffling gin blossom Steve Bannon, who deserves way more than just four months in prison.

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Bannon filed an appeal to his conviction last month, and now the drunken traitorous coward is going to get a nice court date with karma as a panel of judges appointed by former President Barack Obama and current President Joe Biden will be hearing his appeal.

Yeah, good luck with that, Drunky.

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POLITICO’s Kyle Cheney tweeted about the panel early Wednesday morning.

Not only are they Obama or Biden appointees, but they’re also all women: Judge Patricia Millett, Judge Cornelia Pillard, and Judge Florence Pan.

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I’m going to enjoy that extra bit of literally karmic justice, because Bannon is also a disgusting misogynist along with everything else that’s causing him to rot from the inside out.

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Bannon isn’t in shape to outrun both karma and the wheels of justice, so all he’s doing at the moment is moving the deck chairs (to pick one to pass out in) while the Trumptanic slowly sinks.

There’s also still time left for Merrick Garland to do some lame-ducking hunting among Trump’s other cronies who are still in Congress, like Marjorie Taylor Greene, who bragged that if she and Bannon were in charge of January 6th, they would’ve been armed and would’ve “won,” whatever that’s supposed to mean for them.

I’m going to go ahead and predict that Bannon’s appeal will be met with some serious side-eye that should reduce him to ash along with a unanimous denial.

[This is a developing story, please check back for updates to see if I’m right]

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