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TRUTH SPEAKER: Pelosi says Donald Trump’s family should stage an intervention

TRUTH SPEAKER: Pelosi says Donald Trump’s family should stage an intervention

TRUTH SPEAKER: Pelosi says Donald Trump's family should stage an intervention

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Donald Trump’s situation, according to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, is dire enough that a caring family should stage an intervention and protect the former president from his own choices.

In a rare joint interview, Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, weighed in on Trump’s future, particularly on the political aspect.

The former president is going through some things — a grand jury in Georgia and another at the federal level, subpoenas going out to those involved in his election interference schemes, and a recent U-turn in the case of documents removed from his Mar-a-Lago resort all add up to a complicated legal experience.

However, Schumer says he doesn’t think there’s a chance of Trump being re-elected in the 2024 race.

He thinks the American people have “gotten wise” to the reality of Trump, and that his current campaign has little hope of success.

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As for Pelosi, she has an even more brutal assessment.

Without quite explicitly saying that Trump’s impulses and behavior make him a danger to himself, she said that his family should stage an intervention, after the interviewer referenced her previous evaluation of him as “insane.” Pelosi said:

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“I think there’s a need for intervention there, by his family or somebody. I don’t think he’s on the level, no.”

Schumer also describes Trump in the interview as behaving like a child, and describes trying to contact him on January 6th, while a mob overran the Capitol Building, and says the acting attorney general wouldn’t put the then-president on the phone.

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He further indicates that Trump’s temper tantrums were the reason that it was impossible to get additional security at the Capitol in advance of the electoral vote confirmation.

“They were sort of afraid to act. Trump had so intimidated everybody — you could never tell him the truth, you could never contradict him.”

Right now, it seems that Trump’s own fans (or perhaps, former fans) are beginning to agree.

His release of a set of NFT digital collectors cards, after teasing a “major announcement,” has upset a lot of people who seem to have genuinely believed that the former president was preparing to save the country.

You can see the interview with Pelosi and Schumer below, via CNN.

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