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BYE, GEORGE: Newly elected NY Republican also lied about being Jewish and his financials

BYE, GEORGE: Newly elected NY Republican also lied about being Jewish and his financials

BYE, GEORGE: Newly elected NY Republican also lied about being Jewish and his financials

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That schmuck George Santos sure is stirring up a lot of MAGA mishegoss, but is it too much too late?

Picking up from where my esteemed colleague Ty Ross left off, the Republican Rep-Elect from New York whose win just happened to help the GOP seal their razor-thin House majority (🤔), doesn’t seem to have told the truth about literally anything regarding his experience or his past.

George Santos faces calls for an ethics probe over report questions his resume - The Washington Post
George Santos is “Jewish” in the same way the Pope is Jewish

Along with lying about his college degree, “successful business” experience, and vast real estate holdings (none of which could be verified despite some serious legwork by The New York Times) like another New York mook he’s clearly emulating, Santos also apparently lied about being Jewish.


LGBTQNation reveals that the openly gay Trumper (which. will. never. make. sense. to. me.) “touted his Jewish heritage” to woo Orthodox Jewish voters, and quotes a Jewish Telegraphic Agency report that says Santos is about as Jewish as the Pope.

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The son of Brazilian immigrants (that part seems true), Santos apparently “identifies as Jewish through his mother,” while his father was Catholic.

Santos has said that he is Catholic; that’s common in America for someone to identify as ethnically Jewish and religiously Christian, according to the JTA.

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Judaism is matriarchal, and so if your mom was Jewish, so are you.

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However, after Santos’s mother died, her obituary claimed no Jewish heritage.

And as a Jewish mother myself, I can tell you that we ALWAYS find a way to mention it.

I really don’t get how the New York Democratic Party didn’t do a better job investigating this goniff.

Aside from lying about his heritage and experience, there’s even more dirt now on those mysterious millions in his bank account.

David Corn of Mother Jones has co-written an expose on Santos with Noah Lanard that takes a deep dive into his financials.

One day after the Times bombshell dropped, “George Santos revived the dissolved mystery company through which he had claimed to have earned between $3.5 million & $11 million.

“Very odd,” Corn tweeted, along with a link to his piece.

“A big question is where did newly-elected GOPer George Santos get his millions,” Corn’s thread continues. “He had no assets & a $55K salary in 2020 but $3.5m to $11.5m in income in 2021/22. It all has to do with a mystery firm he has not fully explained.”

I dunno about you, but I’d rather not have that guy earning a government salary of taxpayer dollars, and I think there’s more to his election than has been learned as of yet.

Because that lying Trumpette really doesn’t belong anywhere near our House, and I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who thinks so.

As Rachel Maddow says, watch this space. Because I don’t think we’ve heard the last about this putz.

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