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SHERO JEAN-IUS: E. Jean Carroll reveals how Trump’s sexual assault “ended her love life” in new deposition

SHERO JEAN-IUS: E. Jean Carroll reveals how Trump’s sexual assault “ended her love life” in new deposition

E. Jean Carroll reveals how Trump's sexual assault "ended her love life" in new deposition

Former Elle Magazine advice columnist and author E. Jean Carroll said during a newly-released deposition that the “music had stopped” in her love life after she was raped by Donald Trump in the late 1990s, an assault that took place in a dressing room at the upscale Manhattan department store Bergdorf Goodman.

During a videotaped deposition from October that was newly filed late on Monday, the author of “What Do We Need Men For?” said she “didn’t develop any new romantic relationships” after Trump’s sexual assault.

She said she “hasn’t had sex since 1994 or 1995.”

Trump has repeatedly denied Carroll’s allegations, which line up with the many details shared by his other credible rape accusers, by disparaging her looks and saying “she’s not my type,” among other typically piggish things he’s said.

“Not his type,” OK Trumper.

E. Jean, the eternal Shero that she is, decided to bring a defamation suit against Trump, first when he was still in office, and then again under New York’s new Adult Survivors Act, which went into effect last month and lifts the statute of limitations for lawsuits on sexual assaults.

Trump really must be good and scared, because POLITICO reported Wednesday that he’s trying very hard to get this case dismissed by challenging the Constitutionality of the Adult Survivors Act.

Judge Lewis Kaplan to Trump’s defense lawyers: “Don’t count on it.”

Plus Carroll still has his DNA on the dress she was wearing when she alleges he roughly pushed her into a dressing room in Bergdorf’s under the pretense of both of them trying on lingerie.

Weird how he doesn’t want to give his DNA to be tested because that could clear him right away.

Innocent and transparent people sure act strangely when it comes to the law.

Our Shero’s brave testimony reveals she hasn’t had sex since “1994 or 1995” (and her encounters between her rape and then were very unsatisfactory for her) and now, at 79, she doubts she’ll ever have a relationship.

LawAndCrime details the more graphic parts of Carroll’s testimony which explain how Trump forced himself on her, but let’s just say it’s a fair enough reason to never want to have another man touch you ever again, which is how Carroll’s personal trauma has manifested itself.

They also report that both Carroll and Trump were deposed this past October.

And while Carroll agreed to make certain portions of her transcript public, Trump refused, according to a letter from her attorney Roberta Kaplan (no relation to Judge Kaplan, who is still going to be making a trial schedule soon).

E. Jean has endless support from a powerhouse group of friends that include Trump’s own niece, Mary. And yours truly.

FINISH HIM, my Shero!

Tara Dublin
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