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ABSURD COMPETITION: Giuliani claims either he is the “Most Honest Man In America” — or Trump is

ABSURD COMPETITION: Giuliani claims either he is the “Most Honest Man In America” — or Trump is

Giuliani claims either he is the "Most Honest Man In America" — or Trump is

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Rudy Giuliani, former Mayor of New York City, former personal attorney to the former POTUS, current podcaster and promoter of Cameo messages and MyPillow products, says that actually, he’s the most honest man in America — unless that’s Donald Trump, instead.

Giuliani — who only weeks ago participated in a hearing with a D.C. Bar subcommittee to determine whether he should be disbarred over abuse of his law license to promote election fraud cases with no evidence — claims that he and Trump were both victims of spying and that it was wrong for the FBI to carry out a search warrant on his home, office, and electronic devices.

He says the fact that he has not, as yet, been charged with a crime is proof that the search wasn’t warranted.

In fact, he says, despite the fact that his license to practice law has been suspended, and may be permanently yanked if the conclusions of the subcommittee aren’t reversed, he’s a very honest person.

He gave a sympathetic reporter a message to pass on to MAGA adherents across America, saying that they should put their country first, which, in this context, seems to mean opposing educational standards and medical science.

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The former mayor complains that he lost clients and income due to the investigations and legal issues he faced as he supported Trump.

He should be given an award, he says, for being “the most honest man in America,” although he very quickly seemed to decide this was in error, and added, “or Trump.”

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“I mean they should give me an award for being the most honest man in America. Or Trump. We’ve been investigated so much, and they can’t find a d***ed thing,” Giuliani confidently stated.

Unlike Trump, Giuliani hasn’t been the subject of a lie tracker, so it’s hard to make a direct comparison, but the Washington Post‘s final tally as Trump left office last year was that he’d been documented in 30,573 false or misleading claims, counting only during his single presidential term.

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That works out to over 20 lies per day during his presidency.

As for investigations being unable to find any wrongdoing, Giuliani may be speaking too soon.

The January 6th Committee has made criminal referrals of Trump to the DOJ; his company has been found guilty in a financial fraud case; and the investigation of what he did with documents improperly stored at Mar-a-Lago is still underway.

Watch the clip below:

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