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BOLO BUCKS: FBI reward raised to $500,000 to find mystery DC bomber

BOLO BUCKS: FBI reward raised to $500,000 to find mystery DC bomber

BOLO BUCKS: FBI reward raised to $500,000 to find mystery DC bomber

Often overlooked among the horrid events of January 6 is the fact that on the night of January 5 – between the hours of 7:30 p.m. and 8:30.p.m. – a bomber planted two detonation devices that were discovered just before Donald Trump finished his speech at the Ellipse and the attack on the Capitol commenced.

The bombs were placed near the Democratic National Committee headquarters as well as the Republican one.

Fortunately, neither went off and the FBI and ATF were able to work together to safely defuse them.

It’s been a year now and the bomber, wearing a gray hoodie, glasses, a mask, gloves, and Nike Air Max Speed Turf sneaker is yet to be identified.

The reward for information leading to the suspect’s capture has gone from $50,000 to $500,000 – including $10,000 from the Metropolitan Police Department of DC.

An interactive map of bomber has been made available to the public as well and can be viewed here.

Authorities have interviewed around a thousand people, have gone through tens of thousands of videos, and have followed up on hundreds of tips, but so far appear to have bupkis.

At this point, they don’t even know for sure if the bomber is a man or a woman – or at least they’re not telling.

They have said that they believe the person was not from the area.

Complicating matters, of course, is that the terror suspect was able to wear a mask without raising suspicion, due to Covid, and that so many subversives were already in and around the city at the time due to Trump’s insurrection attempt.

In other words, the pool of suspects is bound to be large, considering that the “rally” was like an extremist magnet.

While the bombing attempt obviously could be connected to the Capitol attack – and most likely is – it’s impossible to say for sure.

It’s also possible, of course, that soon loon (outside of Trump’s loons) may have simply sought to take advantage of the situation that already existed and the chaos that was likely to occur.

Well, now if anyone knows anything, they’ll have 500,000 reasons to come forward before this person can plant a device that kills someone.


Ross Rosenfeld

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