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DANGEROUS GAMES: Kinzinger lays out the real risks of Speakership obstruction

DANGEROUS GAMES: Kinzinger lays out the real risks of Speakership obstruction

DANGEROUS GAMES: Kinzinger lays out the real risks of Speakership obstruction

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The turmoil in Congress, Kevin McCarthy’s ongoing humiliation, and the Republican Party’s growing frustration with the obstruction caucus is a trainwreck from which it’s hard to turn away, but former congressman Adam Kinzinger warns that there are actual dangers if this goes on long enough.

Kinzinger has joined CNN as a political commentator, leaning on his background in government and his insider knowledge of the Republican Party.

In that role, he appeared Thursday morning to discuss the small subset of his party that has decided to oppose their majority, and to call out their grift.

It’s not just that they’re holding up matters like budgets and legislation, though.

Kinzinger lays out one of the biggest problems with the current state of Congress — no one in the House can receive intelligence briefings, and a nonfunctional branch of government leaves the nation vulnerable.

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Led by Matt Gaetz and represented publicly by Lauren Boebert, the obstruction caucus — which Kinzinger dubs the “freedom club,” suggesting they aren’t even on a level to deserve the term ‘caucus’ — is holding the nation back, not only from having a Speaker, and considering legislation on matters from healthcare to guns to education.

They’re also preventing anything from being done on the matters they claim to hold most dear, such as the southern border.

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“It’s all a game to them, and unfortunately, there’s real consequences…and what they’re trying to do, it’s destructive…a few days we can handle, I’d say even a few weeks we could handle. If this thing goes on, it starts to have real dangerous impacts.”

Watch Kinzinger’s explanation below.

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He’s not the only one, by any means, calling out the MAGA group for hypocrisy and endangering the public.

Democratic Representative Abigail Spanberger, of Virginia, appeared on MSNBC to highlight that the same small group that can’t stop claiming there’s an “open border” and blaming President Joe Biden’s border policies for fentanyl deaths, is threatening a shutdown that would defund border security.

“The notion that we would not be able to fund the government is not as simple as not funding the government. It is a complete shutdown of every agency that keeps us safe.”

Watch below:

It all opens the question: does the obstruction caucus actually have a goal to help the American people, or is it just another grift? (The answer to that one isn’t hard.)

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