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TUCKERED OUT: Fox’s biggest bigot admits to hating everyone–even these people

TUCKERED OUT: Fox’s biggest bigot admits to hating everyone–even these people

TUCKERED OUT: Fox's biggest bigot admits to hating everyone--even these people

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What’s the best way to see what a racist, bigoted, ignorant low-life Tucker Carlson is?

Let him talk.

Many of us have known for a long time that Tucker knows nothing.

Well, at last, Carlson seems to have figured that out himself, telling Charlie Kirk he got the midterms completely wrong “up and down the boards,” and that the experience showed him that, “I have no freaking idea what goes on in American politics.”

What caused his blindness during the midterms?

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Tucker says it was his uncontrollable hatred of neoliberals.

“I actually hate this neoliberal movement, this antihuman movement that’s sweeping the West,” he told Kirk. “I really feel hatred.” He added: “That loathing clouded my judgment.”

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He wanted the Democrats to lose, he said, “not because I like the Republicans — I really dislike them more than I ever have — but I dislike the other side more.”

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Carlson didn’t reserve his hatred for liberals, though: he also went after atheists, women, and the LGBTQ community.

“Do you believe in God or do you think you are God? That is the dividing line for me,” he said. “I must say my tolerance for atheism has dwindled to nothing at this point.”

To justify this Christo-nationalistic hatred, he provided some Tucker pseudo-science, directly from the University of His Ass:

“Every person is born knowing – OBVIOUSLY – that people are not kind of the final word on everything. I mean, we’re born with an intuitive moral sense, a sense of justice – this is right, that is wrong, a lie is bad – that’s not something that we’re taught, it’s something that we know. Why do we know that? Because it preexists us; that’s why. And to not acknowledge that is a recipe for disaster – the disaster we’re living through.”

This misunderstanding of neo-natal science is not surprising, perhaps, when one considers how Tucker “investigates” things.

As he told Kirk, he bases pretty much everything off “instinct”:

“If someone feels deceptive, he is. If you get a vibe off someone, it’s real….If you feel like someone’s got a big hidden secret, HE DOES. If the Warren Commission seems ridiculous, IT IS!”

Perhaps this “instinct” is what enlightens his view (sarcasm intended) about the LGBTQ community and transgender surgery.

He declared that the root of the problem is that there are simply terrible parents out there who want to have their children chemically castrated.

“Why would you want to hurt your own children?” he asked. He also wondered why some parents want to “cut [their] daughter’s breasts off.”

He threw in some misogyny, too, declaring that, “unhappy, forty-five-year-old wives of private equity moguls” are the ones running the Democrats and destroying the country.

At another point he said, “Ask any person who’s worked toward a goal and then achieved the goal – particularly men.”

He did not explain why you should just ask men, never acknowledging that a woman could be capable of the same.

In case you’ve missed some of Tucker’s previous racism, misogyny, and bigotry, by the way, you can always check out this video:

But there were some people he did have good things to say about: he called convicted rapist Mike Tyson a “wonderful person,” and he said how much he loves Donald Trump and will “never stop loving Trump.”

He and Kirk also agreed that Tyson is an intellectual.

Right – I mistook him for Einstein a couple of times myself.

Carlson also went full Armageddon, stating his conviction that we’re going to “collapse” under our own weight, “we’re at the low point,” and that our politics is suffering from “a lot of voter fraud.”

He made this claim, despite also stating, “I don’t really understand what’s going on in the world right now,” and adding soon after, “I’m often wrong.”

Yes, we know, Tucker.

And there’s a reason for it: Because you’re a fucking idiot, and a racist and bigoted one at that.

The only thing that you said that’s right – maybe by accident – is that you truly do know nothing.

So maybe shut-up already, huh?

Tucker will probably cry over his room service after he reads this. But you can smile with Ross by joining him on Twitter! @RossRosenfeld

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