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INTEREST CONFLICT: Rep. Scott Perry REFUSES to rule out serving on committee probing his investigators

INTEREST CONFLICT: Rep. Scott Perry REFUSES to rule out serving on committee probing his investigators

INTEREST CONFLICT: Rep. Scott Perry REFUSES to rule out serving on committee probing his investigators

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In a move that should surprise no one, Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA) won’t commit to staying off of a Republican-led committee formed to investigate the House Select Committee, if that actually becomes a thing.

“Everybody in America is innocent until proven guilty,” the Freedom Caucus chair told the host of ABC’s This Week, George Stephanopoulos.

“Doesn’t that pose a conflict to you, since you’re also part of the investigation,” Stephanopoulos asked. “So, should everybody in Congress that disagrees with somebody be barred from doing the oversight and investigative powers that Congress has?” Perry responded.

“Why should I be limited – why should anybody be limited – just because someone has made an accusation?

Text messages, Jan. 6th testimony, a federal criminal investigation, and the Jan. 6th Select Committee probe disagree.

Not only did Rep. Perry exchange dozens of texts with then-Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, but he also introduced Trump to Department of Justice official Jeffrey Clark.

Clark ingratiated himself to the President with his scheme to mislead Georgia election officials about proof of voting irregularities – and communicated with disgraced former Trump attorney John Eastman.

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Eastman was the architect of a plan to pressure Vice President Mike Pence to violate the Electoral Count Act.

Perry also leaves out his vocal opposition to the results of the 2020 election and active role in Pennsylvania’s fake elector scheme.

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The Sedition Caucus member was among 147 congressional members who opposed the certification of President Joe Biden’s win.

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The new house majority has pledged to investigate the bi-partisan Select Committee’s work in finding out what led to the violent attack on the Capitol two years ago.

The Select Committee’s probe led to damning revelations of a coordinated and detailed plot to overturn the election results and subvert the democratic process by then-President Trump and his allies.

Former senior White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson told congressional investigators that Rep. Perry spoke to her directly about seeking a Trump pardon, Rolling Stone wrote.

Perry has notoriously refused to cooperate with the select committee’s investigation and sued the DOJ to prevent the viewing of his cell phone communications.

“I get accused of things every single day, as does every member that serves in the public eye,” Perry said.

Allowing someone who has that much evidence stacked up against him to sit in judgment of his investigators, however, is just plain stupid.

Any attempts to appoint Congressman Perry to any committee scrutinizing the investigators of his own alleged misdeeds must be vigorously protested and defeated if Americans are to have any faith whatsoever in this nation’s system of justice.

Original reporting by Julia Mueller at The Hill.

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