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GET OUT: NY Republicans call for immediate resignation of scandal-plagued congressman

GET OUT: NY Republicans call for immediate resignation of scandal-plagued congressman

GET OUT: NY Republicans call for immediate resignation of scandal-plagued congressman

Not even a congressman for a week, Representative George Santos (R-NY) was embroiled in scandal even before he was sworn into Congress. Now, local leadership in his own party is calling for him to step down, and he’s refusing.

Santos is accused of falsifying information about his history, including lying about his family’s background and his education.

He’s being investigated by authorities at the Federal, state, and local level, and even caught up in an international investigation as Brazilian authorities reportedly want to question him about a checkbook he’s accused of stealing and fraudulently using, before fleeing the country, over a decade ago.

Congressional leadership has been called upon to formally censure Santos or to remove him from his seat, and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has said he won’t place him on the more powerful committees, but so far has shown no sign of taking any meaningful action.

On Wednesday, though, his New York Republican leadership made it clear they’ve had enough.

Nassau County GOP leaders held a press conference and officially called for the newly-sworn-in Santos to submit his resignation, and warned him of his status as persona non grata. Nassau County Republican Chair Joseph Cairo said:

“He has no case in the Nassau County Republican Committee, nor should he serve in public service nor as an elected official…As I said, he has disgraced the House of Representatives and we do not consider him one of our Congresspeople.”

You can view that clip below.

Santos appears unmoved by the speech, and doesn’t seem concerned that having GOP leadership in his own district reject and oppose him could make his Congressional term a struggle.

Confronted by reporters on Capitol Hill, he said that he will not resign.

Then again, the GOP doesn’t exactly have a reputation for kicking out their elected officials for lying, or for being caught up in scandals, ethics violations, or other misdeeds.

Meanwhile, Brazillian authorities have indicated they intend to revive their fraud case against Santos, and to potentially have him formally served through the U.S. Department of Justice, so his ability to remain in Congress may not be left to a Republican majority to decide.

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