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PSYCHO BABBLE: What Florida Guy’s bonkers “deep state” rant really shows

PSYCHO BABBLE: What Florida Guy’s bonkers “deep state” rant really shows

THIEF: New evidence in Trump espionage case emerges

Agatha Christie’s great detective Hercule Poirot used logic to solve mysteries and would almost certainly deduce that, as evidenced by his latest online rant, Donald Trump is in trouble.

A lot of trouble, as his latest unhinged rant on Truth Social seems to tell us.

How can I say this?

Well, because as Poirot would say, it leaves only certain reasonable possibilities.

The first is that Donald Trump has grown completely deluded or senile and has, in effect, lost his mind.

The second is that he recognizes that he’s in serious legal peril and is going into desperation mode.

The third is that he’s having major financial problems and needs to align even more with his cult so that they’ll keep bailing him out.

And the fourth is that there is a combination of the above three.

This means that Trump is not so much truly running for president as running from the law, from his creditors, and from all of the other shadows and pitfalls he may have constructed around himself.

As Poirot would say, to believe otherwise would mean to accept that Trump is correct and that there truly is a “deep state” conspiracy that somehow worked in secret against him even as he was president of the United States.

More likely, of course, is that Trump is squeezing every last bit of juice that he can from the orange (why did I think of that particular fruit?) because he needs to.

That’s likely why he’s willing to sell himself out for some cheap-looking NFTs too: he may have a liquidity problem, i.e., lack of cash-flow/resources.

Let’s go over some of the things Trump claimed in his Truth Social rant yesterday, chancing as we must amplifying in order to expose:

He began, “The now famous Twitter Files have proven beyond all doubt that the corrupt officials at the FBI have been coordinating a massive censorship, surveillance, and propaganda campaign against the American people and, frankly, against me.”

Before we get into all of Trump’s crazy, let’s do a quick debunking.

To be clear about what we’ve learned from the “Twitter Files” of “Freedom Reporters” Matt Taibbi and Bari Weiss: it told us that the government was concerned about disinformation spreading and that there was some coordination with Twitter to try to prevent that; Twitter wrestled with issues of censorship, even when certain people (Trump) should obviously have been kicked off the platform; and that one story about a presidential candidate’s son that seemed dubious at the time was somewhat slowed.

To be clear: the Hunter Biden story was allowed to go basically unchecked after just a handful of days.

Unsurprisingly, it made little difference to the American people, who still overwhelmingly chose Joe Biden over Trump.

Also, many of the allegations regarding the laptop, which has been through a lot of different hands, have yet to be proven.

And as far as the “big guy” smoking gun Republicans think they have: One, that was from an email sent TO Hunter Biden and never responded to.

Two, while it’s reasonable to infer the businessman who sent it was referring to Joe Biden, we don’t know that for sure.

Three, Joe Biden was a PRIVATE CITIZEN at the time and would have been completely within his rights to make a business deal – though there’s no evidence that such a deal was made.

Whew! Sorry about that. Let me catch my breath. Back to Trump.

He’s playing on fears that Americans have had for a long time about the government spying on them, some of which are justified, of course. But he’s also making himself out to be a martyr.

Yet here is the “key crazy,” as we’ll call it, and though it might be news to Donald, we unfortunately have to point it out:

Donald Trump was president of the United States from 2017 to 2021.

Yes, it’s sad but it’s true.

And it means that the FBI he’s referring to was the one in his own DOJ.

What he’s saying, then, is that there’s some sort of illuminati (the “deep state”) that is so powerful that they operate beyond the scope of the president and the Congress.

This is QAnon stuff: the secret people and all-powerful individual pulling the strings.

Surely George Soros is involved!

Wait a minute! That name made me think of another George – a clever George with a last name also bordered by S’s – maybe HE’S the secret controller!

But I digress.

Back to Dirty Donald.

Trump claimed that “the FBI and other rogue agencies” have been coordinating with former national security officials at Twitter and elsewhere to stifle free speech and “steal an election.”

He called it an “anti-American” and “illegal” effort, claiming that this supposed cabal also worked to keep the truth about Covid under wraps.

Again, QAnon stuff.

According to Trump, who now says he wholeheartedly believes there is a “deep state,” this secretive group is also working on behalf of Communist China; is controlling our elections, therefore making us no longer a republic; and is in league with the Bidens, whom he portrays as the Corleones.

He then called upon Congress – and let’s not forget that the sycophant SINO Kevin McCarthy seems to owe him one – to issue subpoenas and hold hearings to investigate.

Something tells me he doesn’t have to worry about that last one: they’ll do plenty of investigating, whether there’s a crime or not, sort of like your old friend Rudy, Donald.

He later added more ranting on his page, mainly directed at Smith:

Now, some of you might say that there’s another option I haven’t contemplated: that Trump is just stirring the pot like he’s done in the past.

But think about it: there are plenty of ways he could stir the pot without diving completely into the QAnon pool.

So why go there?

Right now he’s saying things that would get a person into Creedmoor much faster than the White House – things we might expect from a Times Square ranter than a serious political candidate.

His actions indicate that with Jack Smith coming after him, with the Georgia investigation, the stolen documents, Tish James exposing the Trump Org, E. Jean Carroll’s lawsuit, the revelations from his taxes that he’s suffered enormous financial losses, et cetera (and mind you that these are only the problems we know about – drama follows Trump like shit sticks to a pig) – that he is indeed in trouble.

But Trump is the Teflon Don, you say!

He’s a slithery eel who slips out of trouble like Jell-o through handcuffs.

Yes, I know.

And it’s a disgrace he’s not in prison already, and definitely says something about the inadequacy of our justice system.

But right now, you must admit, he’s like the villain at the end of the movie screaming how we’ll never take him alive, firing guns with both hands.

Does it mean we’ll get him? No. But does it mean he’s worried? I think yes.

Because right now he’s pulling a “Vinnie the Chin,” as we say in New York, and either he’s truly crazy or he’s truly trying to appear so for a reason.

There is one thing, by the way, that Trump said that I actually do agree with: that we need “to prosecute the perpetrators for their crimes.”

Definitely, Donald. Definitely.

Ross will continue to beat up on the Orange Menace and his half-witted sidekick Little Donny, and you can follow him as he does it by clicking on his name: @RossRosenfeld.

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