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DELUSIONAL REFUSAL: Failed MAGA gubernatorial candidate just can’t let go

DELUSIONAL REFUSAL: Failed MAGA gubernatorial candidate just can’t let go

DELUSIONAL REFUSAL: Failed MAGA gubernatorial candidate just can't let go

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Arizona’s losing Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake is rumored to be considering a run for the United States Senate.

The election denier is currently embroiled in a legal battle challenging the results of her 2022 election loss but apparently hasn’t ruled out the possibility of a bid for Senate.

“Kari Lake is considering running for the U.S. Senate seat held by Kyrsten Sinema in 2024,” CNN’s Kate Sullivan wrote on social media.

According to a tweet by Sullivan’s colleague, Kyung Lah, sources reportedly told the mainstream media reporter that Lake “will not make a final decision on whether to run for Senate until after her court case is completed,” Newsweek reported.

A staunch Trump supporter – and 2020 election denier – Kari Lake has spent the months following the election filing lawsuits and refusing to concede.

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Though her case was dismissed by a Maricopa County judge, the former Phoenix local news anchor continues to assert that there was widespread election fraud in her election – despite a lack of supporting evidence.

This puts the ego-driven political hopeful in a legal and political conundrum if the Trump loyalist chooses to take run for Sen. Senator’s seat.

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Arizona – along with Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, and Texas – has resign-to-run legislation on the books that prevents elected officials from running for another position without first vacating their current one.

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“Arizona has a very strict resign-to-run law,” Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) said. “It’s not possible for her to be Arizona’s shadow governor and a Senate candidate at the same time.”

If Lake even did do this, it would ultimately force her to admit that she lost the 2022 election – but will she?

Gallego is rumored to be the primary challenger to Sinema for the left-wing nomination – the current Senator changed her party affiliation last year from Democrat to Independent.

Online polling website Blueprint Polling recently conducted a hypothetical poll paring Lake, Gallego, and Sinema‘s chances in a head-to-head matchup.

The ultra-MAGA Trump acolyte led the results with 36% of the vote.

Gallego received 32%, and Sen. Sinema’s closed out the poll with just 14% of the potential vote.

But polls don’t elect Senators– voters do.

Arizonans have already rejected Lake’s brand of partisan politics.

Unfortunately, she refuses to read the room.

Original reporting by Giulia Carbonaro at Newsweek. 

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