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BLIGHT POWER: White nationalists, extremists behind power grid attacks, FBI says

BLIGHT POWER: White nationalists, extremists behind power grid attacks, FBI says

BLIGHT POWER: White nationalists, extremists behind power grid attacks, FBI says

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A string of recent attacks on power grids in North Carolina and the Pacific Northwest has been tied to a national network of Neo Nazis and other extremist groups who envision an all-white future where it’s like the Old West but everyone quietly complains about missing their cellphones.

Reports of attacks have only increased since an FBI alert in November 2022 warned of multiple “threats to electrical infrastructure” from racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists (“RMVE”).

Those would include “white supremacists and other so-called accelerationists attempting to sow chaos,” as classified by the FBI.

(Psst, that’s a way to say “Nazi” without saying “Nazi”)

Yep, that’s the level of security at most power stations. Feel secure?

Utility companies in the Pacific Northwest have reported a surge of attacks to the FBI in recent months; attacks on substations in Oregon and Washington were a precursor to a December attack in Moore County, North Carolina, that left at least 40,000 people without power for days.

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Every movie or TV show about a not-so-distant dystopian future includes scenes of mass panic once the power grid goes down for good. Sometimes there are also zombies, but not always.

But there’s always a group of survivalist outliers who embrace the end of modern society so they can live by their own rules, which are often fueled by their hatred of all others not like them.

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Why anyone would want to live without certain modern conveniences (hot showers and food, cold drinks and indoor air) is beyond me, but I’m not a member of any far-right Neo-Nazi groups looking to bring about the end of America.

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A deeper dive into the history of the attacks on power grids throughout the country shows how plots to target electrical infrastructure in the United States by white supremacists and other fringe groups have increased dramatically since 2016.

Weird coincidence, huh?

Maybe it’s time to buy a generator and start working on that fortified bunker basement just in case.

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