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TRUTH BOMB: Trump wants OUT of this and no one is surprised

TRUTH BOMB: Trump wants OUT of this and no one is surprised

TRUTH BOMB: Trump wants OUT of this and no one is surprised

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It appears Donald Trump has grown tired of his fledgling social media platform Truth Social and is reportedly looking to make a grand return to major platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

According to Rolling Stone, sources have said that the former President is willing to throw his company under the bus.

To secure funding for Trump Media & Technology Group – Truth Social’s parent company – Trump signed an exclusive deal preventing the keyboard warrior from posting to any other platforms for at least six hours after first posting the same content on Truth.

Since late last year, former President Trump has informed several people close to him that he doesn’t want to re-up the exclusivity agreement with his social media company, Truth Social, two sources familiar with the matter tell Rolling Stone.

“He said there’s an expiration date and that he didn’t want to make commitments,” another insider told the media outlet.

Set to expire in June of this year, the 18-month agreement is set to automatically renew in six-month increments unless notice to end the contract is given, Rolling Stone writes.

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Since the announcement of Trump’s return to the presidential campaign trail, the response has been lackluster at best – even two of the 2024 candidate’s oldest children blew off the celebration.

With approximately four million followers on Truth Social, Trump’s reach is significantly less the nearly 90 million, and over 30 million Twitter and Facebook followers – respectively.

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Though he has yet to tweet, the ex-President’s personal Twitter account was restored in November – the month after new CEO Elon Musk took over.

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Trump has been asking those in his inner circle for suggestions on his first tweet.

So far, the one-term President has proposed insulting President Joe Biden and premiering a “WWE-style campaign video about the ex-President returning to the platform, and then to the White House,” NBC News reported.

Trump and some of his close allies have already brain-stormed about him tweeting that, even though Big Tech tried to ‘silence’ him over his lies about a ‘rigged election,’ he was now back to make ‘the Left’ miserable. – Rolling Stone

Last week, it was reported that members of the Palm Beach resident’s team had reached out to Facebook’s parent company, Meta – demanding reinstatement of Trump’s account.

The 2024 presidential candidate’s campaign wrote a letter to the company on last week, urging Meta to reverse the ban which is up for review after two years.

“We believe that the ban on President Trump’s account on Facebook has dramatically distorted and inhibited the public discourse,” the letter stated.

Surprisingly for someone known to be litigious – the campaign didn’t threaten Meta with legal action if their demands weren’t met on behalf of Trump, but invited the multi-billion dollar social media conglomerate to meet in regard to the matter.

Controversy and financial problems have plagued the merger between TMTG and the special purpose acquisition group – Digital World Acquisition Corp.

As Trump gears up for his MAGA rally run to secure the GOP nomination, those tired of the insurrection-inciting and coup attempt baggage of the 45th administration are heading for the exit in droves.

A return to Twitter and Facebook, at the expense of Truth Social and its investors, is apparently the price Trump is willing to play to increase his bully pulpit.

Original reporting by Asawin Suebsaeng and Adam Rawnsley at Rolling Stone.

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