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COURTING DISASTER: Judge orders MAGA scourge to testify in sex-discrimination suit

COURTING DISASTER: Judge orders MAGA scourge to testify in sex-discrimination suit

COURTING DISASTER: Judge orders MAGA scourge to testify in sex-discrimination suit

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A District of Columbia Superior Court judge Wednesday ordered Steve Bannon to testify in the sex-discrimination lawsuit filed by former Trump campaign staffer Jessica Denson.

A subpoena for relevant documents has been issued — giving Bannon until February 24 to comply with the request.

“We are pleased that the D.C. Court has determined that Mr. Bannon must comply with our lawfully issued subpoena and testify in Ms. Denson’s case,” the plaintiff’s attorney David Bowles wrote in an email. “He, like the former president, is not above the law.”

The former Trump advisor reportedly worked closely with Ms. Denson — who was initially hired as a phone-bank administrator, before being promoted to help mobilize the Latino vote for Trump.

Referred to as the NDA (non-disclosure agreement)–killer, the former staffer was sued by Trump for violating a confidentiality agreement — one that she signed when she was hired by the soon-to-be President’s campaign — after Denson went public with allegations of sexual discrimination by a male co-worker.

According to Bloomberg, the $50,000 judgment granted in Trump’s favor was overturned on appeal in 2020. The following year, the NDA was completely voided.

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Denson asserts that her claims of harassment, cyberbullying, and slander were downplayed by the campaign

In 2017, Bannon refused to cooperate after a complaint was filed by the former campaign staffer in a New York state court.

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According to a sworn affidavit taken last year, Denson claims that she witnessed her former superior “throw it on the ground,” referring to the complaint.

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“You can’t give me that,” Bannon allegedly said.

Now that a judge has ordered the War Room host to turn over requested evidence by next month, Bannon must sit for a deposition in the case no later than March 31st.

However, with the temperamental Trump loyalist on the hunt for a new legal team, no one knows how he will actually respond.

Original reporting by Erik Larson at Bloomberg.

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