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STRANGE STRATEGY: This Senator thinks raising taxes on 99% of Americans will get him reelected

STRANGE STRATEGY: This Senator thinks raising taxes on 99% of Americans will get him reelected

STRANGE STRATEGY: This Senator thinks raising taxes on 99% of Americans will get him reelected

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Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) has decided to run for reelection, but his campaign promises are less than enticing for the bottom 99% of Americans.

Author of the infamous “Rescue America” plan, Scott remains steadfast in his pledge to raise taxes on middle-class Americans.

Despite criticism from Democrats and Republicans alike, Sen. Scott continues to push his 11-point plan full of right-wing talking points meant to pander to the base while offering no real solutions.


“I’m going to continue to push it,” the former National Republican Senatorial Committee chair said. “If we did what I put in my plan, then it would be better for Americans, all Americans.”

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The former healthcare conglomerate CEO lies, falsely asserting that the record job growth experienced as the nation recovers from a worldwide pandemic and supply chain slowdowns, aren’t full-time positions – and complains about inflation being at a 40-year high.

But Democrats pushed back on Sen. Scott’s claims.

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Annual inflation has fallen for six months in a row. The costs of goods are falling – including gas prices since they peaked in June – and wages are higher now than in the summer. – NBC News

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White House deputy press secretary Andrew Bates released a statement criticizing the Republican legislator for his pandering and gaslighting.

“We’ve seen this movie so many times,” Bates said.

“Instead of selling out working families to rich special interests,” the deputy press secretary said, “The President is fighting to build an economy that works from the bottom up and the middle out.”

The Inflation Reduction Act and America Rescue Plan sought to level the economic playing field for some of the most marginalized and vulnerable in our society.

The Biden Administration has not only put cold hard cash into the hands of hard-working Americans affected by the coronavirus pandemic, easing some of the financial pain with stimulus payments, it has also issued a moratorium on student loan payments and housing evictions.

Over 10 million jobs have been added to the economy as we see unemployment rates hit a multi-decade low.

Bates confirms the administration’s resolve in not negotiations with those seeking to hold the systems that protect our seniors

“Rick Scott is doing the very same thing. Tripling down on his ultra MAGA agenda to raise taxes on middle-class families and schedule Medicare and Social Security to expire is fundamentally at odds with the wishes of the American people, and President Biden is firmly against it.” – Andrew Bates

Sen. Scott isn’t the most popular in GOP circles.

The current Senator has a contentious relationship with his successor Gov. Ron DeSantis after a rocky transition between the Scott and DeSantis administrations in 2018.

“I don’t really know him very well. I’m glad he’s keeping taxes low and jobs continue to grow and stuff like that,” the former Florida governor said.

Scott was fined nearly $2 billion dollars after accusations of Medicaid/Medicare fraud when the Republican was head of the Columbia/HCA hospital chain.

The former RSNC chair recently received backlash from the Republican Party for reckless spending in the campaign cycle leading up to the midterms – where the GOP lost bigly.

Though he endorsed Trump during the ex-President’s 2016 campaign, Sen. Scott plans to stay out of the MAGA on MAGA fight between Gov. DeSantis and Donald Trump as the 2024 season heats up.

“I’m focused on my race. “I’m not focused on somebody else’s race,’ Scott said.

The GOP has gone all in on sticking it to low and middle-income Americans already struggling with unaffordable housing, stagnant wages, and disappearing social safety nets.

A recent Republican proposal to abolish the Internal Revenue Service – and replace the federal income tax with a national sales tax – would add up to 30% on purchases across the board.

Sen. Scott has been shameless in his grift, and calls to strip hardworking citizens of the retirement they’ve paid into their entire working careers.

“Hopefully people think I’m doing my job, but I’m not gonna take anything for granted,” the incumbent stated.

If doing your job entails misappropriating donor and campaign monies and defrauding the federal government with inflated and bogus medical charges, then yes, Sen. Scott you’re doing your job.

Original reporting by Marc Caputo at NBC News.

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