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BAR NONE: Disgraced ex-Trump attorney may need to look for a new profession

BAR NONE: Disgraced ex-Trump attorney may need to look for a new profession

BAR NONE: Disgraced ex-Trump attorney may need to look for a new profession

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Disgraced attorney John Eastman has been hit by the State Bar of California with nearly a dozen charges related to his ethics-violating all-in approach to helping Donald Trump overturn the results of the 2020 election.

The filing alleges that by December 2020, Eastman was aware that there was no supporting evidence to prove President Trump’s claims of mass voter or election fraud.

Read the court document below.

“There was no evidence upon which a reasonable attorney would rely of election fraud or illegality that could have affected the outcome of the election,” the disciplinary complaint states.”

The Thursday filing contends that there is no evidence to back up assertions of a widespread Democratic conspiracy to steal the election from the Big Liar, actions the state bar’s chief trial counsel, George Cardona, calls “an egregious and unprecedented attack on our democracy.”

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The State Bar details Eastman’s involvement leading up to the events of January 6th.

Though multiple court decisions ruled against his friend and client and the unsubstantiated claims were consistently debunked by the judicial process, and by those in Trump’s inner circle – the attorney continued to work intimately with the former President and his allies in the scheme after scheme to keep President-Elect Joe Biden from taking his rightful position in the Oval Office.

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“In doing so, respondent violated his obligations as an attorney in two ways,” the Bar wrote, citing that Eastman concocted legal strategies, engaged in litigation, and propagated ” allegations of election fraud that he knew, or was grossly negligent in not knowing, were false.”

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As the architect of the plan to pressure then-Vice President Mike Pence to violate his oath of office – and the Electoral Count Act – Eastman is a  key person of interest in several investigations into the violent riot on January 6th, and the nefarious actions of Trumpworld allies to keep the MAGA King in office illegally.

“There is nothing more sacrosanct to our American democracy than free and fair elections and the peaceful transfer of power,” Cardona, said in a statement.

The Notice of Disciplinary Charges alleges that Mr. Eastman violated this duty in furtherance of an attempt to usurp the will of the American people and overturn election results for the highest office in the land.

The case will be adjudicated in state court with the Supreme Court of California having the final say on whether Mr. Eastman will be suspended or disbarred.

The 11-count complaint includes charges of Seeking to Mislead a Court, Failure to Support the Constitution and Laws of the United States, and multiple charges of Moral Turpitude – Misrepresentation. 

“Without legal or factual support, respondent sought to reverse the outcome of the presidential election by depriving the voters of certain states of their right to have their votes in the 2020 election determine their states’ electoral votes, in violation of those states’ laws, federal statutes, and the United States Constitution,” the filing states.

Mr. Eastman has up to 20 days to respond to the January 26th filing, or face additional disciplinary measures.

Read the State Bar of California filing here.

Original reporting by Tierney Sneed at CNN.

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