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OUT OF GAS: Marjorie Taylor Greene’s petroleum proposal sputtered out miserably

OUT OF GAS: Marjorie Taylor Greene’s petroleum proposal sputtered out miserably

OUT OF GAS: Marjorie Taylor Greene's Petroleum proposal sputtered out miserably

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s (R-GA) amendment to prevent the Biden Administration from using the Strategic Petroleum Reserves failed miserably in a truly spectacular fashion on Thursday.

The newly appointed committee member’s proposal was voted down 14-418 – and the internet is knee-deep in schadenfreude.

“Woof. Even my psilocybin amendment did better than this,” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Ortez  (D-NY) tweeted – adding a laughing emoji for the chef’s kiss.

In March 2022, President Biden ordered an “emergency release” from the reserves to combat rising gas prices exacerbated by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine in February of the same year.

“President Biden announced on March 31, 2022, to release 180 million barrels of crude oil to address the significant global supply disruption caused by Putin’s war on Ukraine, act as a wartime bridge for domestic production to increase, and aid in lowering energy costs for American families,” the Department of Energy said in a press release on its official website on November 3rd.

Contracts were finalized in the fall.

The drawdowns have been a stabilizing force in the volatile energy market, and a recent analysis from the Department of the Treasury estimates that SPR releases this year, along with coordinated releases from international partners, have reduced gasoline prices by up to about 40 cents per gallon compared to what they would have been absent these drawdowns.

By December, gas prices had fallen below 2021 prices, according to the Wall Street Journal. 

The average cost of gasoline had fallen to less than $3.50 from its high of over $5 in June 2022. Seven states showed prices below the $3 a gallon mark.

Though Rep. Greene may not see the benefits to the American people of POTUS’ buying oil at a reduced price, and selling it back at market value – her colleagues do.

Only 13 other House Republicans joined Greene in her quest – including Representatives Matt Gaetz (R-FL), Chip Roy (R-TX), Scott Perry (R-PA), and none other than Kitara Ravache herself – the newly elected controversial Congressman George Santos (R-NY.)

The election-denying 9/11 truther was recently given a plum position on one of Congress’ most prestigious and important committees – Homeland Security.

Since Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) negotiated the gavel, MTG has been high on hubris and self-importance.

Her embarrassing loss in the amendment vote is a wake-up call to fringe Republicans that getting things done in Congress requires a bit more than talking points and conspiracy theories.

Greene’s fellow Freedom Caucus member – and frenemy – Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), piled on with a tweet bragging about her own amendments being passed.

“The House just passed all three of my amendments for the Strategic Production Response Act,” Boebert tweeted. “Two were unanimously accepted, and one passed with bi-partisan support.”


As Rep. Greene seeks to rehab her image in center-right circles, so far she’s not off to a good start.


Original reporting by Ed Mazza at HuffPost.

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