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FINALLY! The Donald Trump Jr. guide to world peace

FINALLY! The Donald Trump Jr. guide to world peace

FINALLY! The Donald Trump Jr. guide to world peace

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Donald Trump Jr., that privileged little boy who was never shown enough love by daddy —and so makes up for it by ranting against the world — has once again demonstrated that he cannot decipher between things like fact and fiction, humans and Skittles, and now good guys and bad guys.

In a rambling, nonsensical rant (embedded below), Little Donny declared that his daddy was right the whole time: that we’re spending too much money on Ukraine and that the best solution would be to cut it all off so that the conflict there with Russia will “end.”

What end would that get at, Donny? Cui bono?

Kind of makes one think of something Junior said back in 2008: “We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia,” he told a Moscow audience.

In fact, the Trumps have always had a rather strange affinity for Russia, one might say.

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We all remember the deference Daddy Trump showed to Vladimir Putin, trusting him over our own intelligence agencies.

And who can forget how happy both Dirty Donald and son were to receive Russian assistance during the 2016 election?

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When offered supposed Russian intel on Hillary Clinton, for instance, Little Donny had replied, “[I]f it’s what you say, I love it.”

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The Trump campaign manager, Paul Manafort, had deep ties to Russia, as did his former partner, close Trump ally Roger Stone.

And there’s truly plenty of Russian money flowing through Trump properties in a way that, well, looks an awful lot like money laundering.

Heck, there’s a community down in Miami known as “Little Moscow” that’s operated by the Trumps.

Daddy Trump consistently praised Putin throughout his presidency, saying how strong and powerful he is.

Truly, if kissing Putin’s ass were a sport, the Trumps would be its Manning family.

So although Little Donny did not object to us giving away billions of dollars to the wealthy, he has a big issue with us spending to support Ukraine.

He also makes the classic mistake of thinking that a skill set that might work in one arena automatically applies to another.

The Trumps – and we can throw Eric and Ivanka into this one as well, and Jared too – look at everything from a transactional perspective: everything is just a business deal to be made and there’s always something in it for the dealmakers.

They cannot contemplate things like civil service, altruism, or basic human compassion.

And so Junior has learned throughout his life that the best solution to everything is to first be as big an asshole as possible.

And that is something he’s good at, no doubt.

This latest (coke-infused? – I’m just asking questions) rant also makes clear Little Donny’s daddy issues.

For starters, he refers to his father as “Trump.” He also spends much of the video stroking daddy’s ego, so I guess the competition for affection is still running strong among the Trump kids.

See for yourself:

If that wasn’t cringy enough, consider the picture he uses to promote his podcast:

I know – you’re trying not to puke.

Since nobody ever told Junior what he needed to hear as a kid, maybe it’s time someone did.

So here it is:

Donny, you have shit for brains and a stone for a heart.

If you didn’t have nice teeth and the name Trump, no one would pay the slightest bit of attention to what you say because you’re about as qualified to comment on political affairs as a pig is to discuss astrophysics.

You couldn’t so much as shine Volodymyr Zelensky’s shoes, much less tell him what to do.

Do us all a favor and slither back under your rock and never bother us again.

Little Donny sure hates Ross! But you can like him on Twitter by clicking on @RossRosenfeld.

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