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WHAT THE HEIL? Disgraced GOP congressman’s bizarre Holocaust Remembrance speech

WHAT THE HEIL? Disgraced GOP congressman’s bizarre Holocaust Remembrance speech

WHAT THE HEIL? Disgraced GOP congressman's bizarre Holocaust Remembrance speech

Rep. George Santos (R-NY) took to the floor of the House of Representatives on International Holocaust Remembrance Day in a misguided attempt to show solidarity with the Jewish community, the one to which he lied about belonging.

“Antisemitism is a plague in this nation, and it is undoubtedly up to us to ensure this kind of tragedy is never seen again,” Santos said.

Watch the clip below. 

This is despite recent revelations that the freshman congressman once praised Hitler and advocated killing “Jews” in a decade-old Facebook post that disturbingly read:

“high hitler lololololololololololololol,” Santos wrote under a friend’s post. “somebody kill her!! The jews and black mostly lolllolol!!!”

Not funny.

Screenshots of the now-deleted post were sent to the local Nassau County news outlet, The Patch Glen Cove for corroboration by a former friend of the congressman.

January 27th marked the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz by Allied forces in 1945, saving countless lives after over 6 million of Jewish Europeans had already been killed by Hitler’s Nazi army.

“This day, and every day, we give credence to the dark side of humanity but strive for a better brighter future,” Santos pandered.

The shameless representative gave what would ordinarily be a somber and heartfelt speech if the American public didn’t know better.

“Let this day serve as a reminder that we must honor the victims of survivors,” Santos said on the floor. “We must also pay tribute to the liberators who rescued millions of people who nearly fell victim to the Holocaust.”

I would like to take a moment to acknowledge the grandmother of one of my D.C. staffers who is a 93-year-old survivor of Auschwitz. And is also one of the few survivors of her family who was tragically lost at the hand of Nazi murderers.

Santos failed to mention his previous claim of being the descendant of Jewish ancestors who fled a Nazi-occupied Europe, most likely because it was found to be an outright lie

But like his multitude of falsehoods, Santos seems to have forgotten why the prominent New York Jewish group – the Republican Jewish Coalition –  has cut ties with the artist formerly known as Kitara Ravache.

Or he simply doesn’t care.

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