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NOT GOOD: This Republican wants to ban a certain demographic of students from US colleges

NOT GOOD: This Republican wants to ban a certain demographic of students from US colleges

NOT GOOD: This Republican wants to ban a certain demographic of students from US colleges

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Republican congressman Bob Good appeared on right-wing media Monday to make a series of allegations against President Joe Biden and to suggest that an entire demographic of students should be barred from studying at U.S. colleges and universities.

Good seemed to be mixing his conspiracy theories as he simultaneously complained about Chinese donations to universities, and that U.S. tax dollars are funding the education of, and research projects carried out by, Chinese students.

It seems he neither wants students from China to be able to access grants that the U.S. Government gives for research that is deemed beneficial, nor for the universities they attend to accept tuition money from Chinese students, or money from the government of their country of origin.

In fact, he gets quite explicit about this, declaring in his interview, ” I don’t think we ought to have Chinese nationals in institutions of higher learning, certainly at the graduate level.”

Students from around the world bring their various skill sets, backgrounds, and expertise to top research universities, where they combine to make breakthroughs and innovations.

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What’s Good’s premise?

It all circles back to the unsupported conspiracy theory that documents found in a University of Pennsylvania office formerly used by President Biden were there on purpose, and somehow secretly shared with the Chinese government in exchange for funding or other favors. Good said, in an interview you can see below:

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“[My bill] would prohibit or at least expose taxpayer funding for research by Chinese nationals here in the United States…why would we be allowing our institutions of higher learning to accept millions and millions of dollars in donations and investments from the Chinese Communist Party?”

The legislation he’s co-sponsoring, with the suggestive title “No Taxpayer Funding for the Chinese Communist Party Act,” echoes his bilateral complaints, both that universities are receiving funds from corporations with ties to China and that the U.S. is granting funds for research done by Chinese nationals in U.S. universities:

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“According to the Department of Education ‘’one university received research funding from a Chinese multinational conglomerate to develop new algorithms and advanced biometric security techniques for crowd surveillance capabilities.'”

The bill would require a report listing which universities and other institutions “have hired Chinese nationals or allowed Chinese nationals to conduct research;” as well as which research projects have involved cooperation with Chinese entities; and the extent that Chinese entities’ funding of research projects benefit China.

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