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TRUMP CARD: DeSantis unleashes the perfect parry to Trump’s attacks

TRUMP CARD: DeSantis unleashes the perfect parry to Trump’s attacks

TRUMP CARD: DeSantis unleashes the perfect parry to Trump's attacks

Not exactly known for his quick-wittedness, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) fired back at Donald Trump after the former President spent the past weekend throwing rainforest shade at his former protege.

Let them fight!

Trump called out the governor for his Covid response measures, in an attempt to get back in the good graces of the anti-vax part of their mutual MAGA base which seemingly turned on Trump for pushing the Covid-19 vaccine.

But DeSantis spoke up – hitting the former president where it hurts.

“The good thing is, is that the people are able to render a judgment on that whether they re-elect you or not,” Florida governor said. “I’m happy to say – you know in my case – not only did we win re-election, we won with the highest percentage of the vote that any Republican governor candidate has had in the history of the state of Florida,” DeSantis added.

Though the Florida governor has yet to announce a 2024 run for the presidency, the rumor mill has been working overtime.

Multiple polls show DeSantis as a frontrunner in the race if he chooses to throw his hat in the ring – much to Trump’s chagrin.

A previously relative unknown, save for an uneventful stint in the U.S. Congress, DeSantis rose to prominence after Trump swooped in and saved his fledgling 2018 campaign for Florida governor.

The then-President’s endorsement was enough to help Ron limp over the finish line – and the real nightmare began.

The governor has since distanced himself from his former mentor – standing on his own repressive feet and hoping his authoritarian actions will propel him to the nation’s highest political position.

But some are wondering if it is enough to match the spiteful pettiness of disgraced ex-president Trump.

In a turn of events that would only make sense in Bizarro world, many on the left found themselves in the uncomfortable position of agreeing with Trump’s criticism of his frenemy.

Continuously pandering to the MAGA base — and disregarding the will of Florida voters when it comes to the quality of education, public health concerns, and voting rights — DeSantis has become the dictatorial contrarian that dark money Christo-fascists want more of.

The Republican Party as a whole has been full of infighting, back-biting, and backstabbing since the midterms.

In November, Vanity Fair reported that DeSantis referred to Trump as a “moron who has no business running for President,” according to former staffers.

A disappointing showing in November has the GOP turning on each other – and eating their own – in an attempt to avoid accountability for backing unappealing candidates who turned off more moderate voters.

Despite the former president’s less-than-enthusiastic return to the campaign trail, Donald Trump still hold sway with members of the party who flock to his divisive, bigoted, and incendiary rhetoric.

DeSantis will need to do better than “I got re-elected” if he wants to get the Republican Party’s blessing when the time comes.

Splitting the party in two, the dueling demagogues seem poised to rip each other to shreds as they battle for party supremacy.

But while Republicans fight each other, Democrats and President Joe Biden are fighting for Americans.

Original reporting by Gary Fineout at Politico

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