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NOBLE & NECESSARY: We must call out antisemitism-especially when it’s coming from inside the House

NOBLE & NECESSARY: We must call out antisemitism-especially when it’s coming from inside the House

NOBLE & NECESSARY: We must call out antisemitism-especially when it's coming from inside the House

It is utterly abhorrent that we’re still fighting against any kind of hate speech in the year 2023.

Here’s a hot tip from #ThisJew to all of you:


*except when citing other examples of mass genocide perpetrated by terrified mediocre White “Christian” men.

Early spikes in antisemitic hate crimes and other incidences were noticed soon after Donald Trump was inaugurated.

Weird, huh?

Kanye West: Los Angeles officials condemn demonstrators seen in photos showing support of rapper's antisemitic remarks | CNN
Nice friends, Ye!

Antisemitic and racist slurs have also skyrocketed on Twitter in the months since Elon Musk took over and granted “amnesty” to suspended accounts that have been banned for spouting hate speech.

I reported this tweet and got the automated email reply that there was no violation of Twitter’s terms of service.

Thanks, Elon!

It’s not surprising to learn that the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) recently released an audit showing a 40-year high in antisemitic acts such as assault, vandalism, and harassment in the past year alone.

Because it’s literally coming from inside the House.

Another sitting member of Congress made antisemitic remarks on the House floor on Wednesday by comparing something to the Holocaust that is in no way anything like the Holocaust.

Following in the GED Genius footsteps of Rep. Lauren “Squeaky” Boebert (R-CO via Ted Cruz’s Vegas timeshare), Rep. Eric Burlison of MAGA-ssouri thought it was fine to hate-spew this insane false comparison into the historical record while defending a propaganda network during a Congressional hearing.

BRB, it’s just hard to type when all of your skin is on fire.

Anyway, it’s bad enough to have dealt with systemic antisemitism out in the general public forever, but to hear it from your own government is really something to bear witness to.

We’ve seen Rep. Marjorie “Nazi Tailor” Greene welcoming white supremacists to be Congressional office interns after hanging out with them at a conference deemed “too right-wing” for CPAC attendees.

Not even a tour of the Holocaust Museum cured Marjorie of her hateful antisemitic rhetoric.

She continues to use typical virtue-signaling words like “Globalist” and “Soros” in her hate-tweets, so sometimes I can’t help myself and I remind her of how awful she is.

Yeah, I did.

I’m a GenX Jewish girl from New Jersey, Dear Reader.

Just don’t try it with me.

Florida fascist Ron DeSantis does it too.

Anyway, thanks to Kanye “I Love Hitler” and Nick “Hey, Me Too!” Fuentes dining with Donald “I’ll Never Forgive My Daughter For Marrying a Jew” Trump at MAGA-Lago, Nazis think it’s fine to hang signs over freeways proclaiming it’s time to kill all remaining Jewish people, yay!

And that’s also how we got to good ol’ “Jew-ish” Rep. George “Anthony Devolder Zabrovsky Kitara Ravache Jingleheimer Schmidt” Santos (R-NY-ish) making a Qrazy speech on Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Thankfully, the Biden administration is fully aware of how far(-right) things have gotten, and has created the Office of the Special Envoy To Monitor and Combat Antisemitism.

And our proudly Jewish mensch of a Second Gentleman, Douglas “Dougie” Emhoff, is leading the very vocal pack to combat the hate speech.

Emhoff hosted a round table discussion at the White House during the holiday season to tackle the topic head-on.

Dougie also just made an emotional trip to the infamous concentration camp Auschwitz as part of his efforts to raise awareness regarding the rise of antisemitism in America, and he’s also participating in a global effort spearheaded by the United Nations to combat antisemitism.

Hate will always exist in some form, so it’s up to us to make sure it doesn’t spread.

Silence is complicity.

Demand better protections from your government and vote for lawmakers who aren’t trying to wipe out an entire group of human beings.

It’s just not that hard to unlearn hate.


Tara Dublin
Tara is a reported opinion columnist at Occupy Democrats. She's a woefully underappreciated and unrepresented writer currently shopping for a super cool novel that has nothing to do with politics while also fighting fascism on a daily. Follow her on Twitter @taradublinrocks

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