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PALM BREACH: Intruder demanding to meet with Trump arrested at Mar-a-Lago

PALM BREACH: Intruder demanding to meet with Trump arrested at Mar-a-Lago

PALM BREACH: Intruder demanding to meet with Trump arrested at Mar-a-Lago

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A Florida man was arrested after he was found wandering near the family residence at Mar-a-Lago, the resort owned by Donald Trump.

Arrested on charges of trespassing, 25-year-old Joshua Warnock was detained by Palm Beach police on Jan. 8th after previously being denied entry to the resort.

Court records show that Warnock was warned to stay off the property by police and Secret Service officers after the man asked to speak with the former president.

Trump was home at the time that Mr. Warnock approached the security gate and demanded to meet with Mar-a-Lago’s owner.

He was given a trespassing ticket and told not to return.

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But Warnock wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

Approximately six hours later, Secret Service spotted the previously ousted trespasser near the pool deck, climbing a staircase located next to the family suite.

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It’s been reported that Mr. Warnock scaled a concrete wall that separates the sprawling estate from the public.

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Warnock told security officials that he “climbed up a big step,” allowing him to access the yard.

This isn’t the first time security has been breached at the resort.

Less than two weeks after the FBI executed a search warrant at the former President’s home in August,  Radar reported that Florida police responded to at least 78 calls between January 2021 and August 2022, according to a secret 911 call log.

Of those calls, 17 were concerning individuals considered to be “suspicious.”

In 2019, a Chinese businesswoman was arrested and charged with trespassing on the 20-acre property.

Carrying a laptop, multiple cell phones, and a virus-infected hard drive, 33-year-old Yujing Zhang managed to slip past five security guards and make her way into the heavily guarded mansion before being apprehended.

She was later sentenced to eight months in jail.

After several boxes of classified documents were discovered at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago property during the FBI’s raid, questions of national security have been raised as the federal government continues to believe that top secret materials are still missing.

Warnock is facing federal charges of “knowingly entering or remaining in a restricted building or grounds.”

Original reporting by WFLX/Fox29, by Joel Malkin at WFLA, and by Douglas Montero at Radar.

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