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MIC DROPS: House Democrats INCINERATE Republican antisemitic hypocrisy

MIC DROPS: House Democrats INCINERATE Republican antisemitic hypocrisy

MIC DROPS: House Democrats INCINERATE Republican antisemitic hypocrisy

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There’s nothing Republicans love more than the chance to scapegoat and silence a woman of color so they never have to take any responsibility for their own actions.

But if they can also erase the Jews at the same time, that’s even better.

The hypocrisy burns literally white hot when you have Rep. Marjorie “Jewish Space Lasers” Greene (R-GA via Satan’s taint) claiming George Soros is funding a “global cabal” of Democrats and “Weaker Speaker” Kevin McCarthy allowing his QAnon Qaucus to stand on the House floor and spew hate speech into the historic record.

In just this past week alone, Republicans have compared DirecTV removing Newsmax from their service to the Holocaust.

Then they just kept the gaslight burning.

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House GOP voted to remove Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) from the House Committee on Foreign Affairs based on her perceived “antisemitic comments,” but really, they just want to control all women, but particularly women of color.

AMERICAN EXPERIMENT: Ilhan Omar knows why Republicans attack her
The GOP is terrified of this woman because she speaks truth to power

It’s some serious performative gaslighting propaganda bullshittery to hear any MAGA morons accuse Democrats of the -isms and/or -phobias, because we all know they feast on fear and run on hate.

Rep. Omar has always been a favorite target of theirs because she’s a Muslim woman of color, which is extra super scary to them.

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Removing Rep. Omar from her committee assignments is just retaliation for Marjorie and Arizona Nazi Rep. Paul “Goebbels” Gosar losing their committee assignments, which they lost for making hateful and dangerous comments on their Twitter accounts and elsewhere.

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Remember kids, you can’t spell “Gestapo” without “GOP.”

The “pro-life” party jumped on a tweet from Rep. Omar in which she remarked “It’s all about the Benjamins” for the GOP when it comes to Israel.

They immediately labeled her comments as “antisemitic,” which wasn’t her intention.

The MAGA-manufactured faux outrage that has since followed Rep. Omar has led to all of the worst kinds of threats women receive, including ones that would leave her no longer alive.

Rep. Omar has done what no Republican ever will: she apologized (because she’s a woman of color in America who’s been systemically socialized into deferring to white people).


But no one has been targeted by MAGA more than AOC, who’s also received death threats that literally came from inside the House.

This is the kind of smoke that terrifies the GOP.

You know how I know Marjorie Taylor Greene feels threatened by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?

This is how.

House Democrats took to the floor on Thursday in defense of their colleague, deftly pointing the finger right back at the gaslighting GOP.

I was so proud to be a Democrat while listening to Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) calling out Jim “I Thought You Said I Was Alright Spider” Jordan (R-the Ohio State Locker Room Showers) that I literally cried.

More Democrats doing this and fewer MAGAts getting to spew hate on the House floor, please.


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