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AID & COMFORT: Republican extremists are in the minority in their anti-Ukraine fealty to Putin

AID & COMFORT: Republican extremists are in the minority in their anti-Ukraine fealty to Putin

AID & COMFORT: Republican extremists are in the minority in their anti-Ukraine fealty to Putin

A majority of Americans, regardless of political affiliation, are still in favor of the U.S. supporting Ukraine in efforts to reclaim its territory and boot out the invading Russian army. That majority just gets slimmer when focusing on Republican extre

Republican extremists in the House are promising to shut down aid to Ukraine, but that doesn’t reflect the majority of America, or even their own party.

The latest Gallup polling shows that 53% of Republican voters favor continuing to give aid and support to Ukraine.

That’s far less than other voter affiliations — 59% of registered Independents and 81% of Democrats take the same position, amounting to 65% of the country, down only a tiny fragment from the 66% that supported helping Ukraine a year ago.

Still, a handful of MAGA extremists are pushing back, insisting that preventing Russia from a power grab isn’t in the best interests of the United States.

Matt Gaetz, for instance, just argued on the House floor that voters should reject President Joe Biden’s expected statement of support for Ukraine during his upcoming State of the Union Address, because few of their household products come from Ukraine. (Video clip below.)

“Tomorrow, President Biden will tell us how much more we must do for Ukraine. Look around your house, how much stuff is made in Ukraine or even Russia, for that matter?”

The results of the aforementioned Gallup poll suggest that he’s not swaying many people.

For that matter, neither does former president Donald Trump’s input seem to be convincing any but the most extreme subsection of his party.

Trump has praised Vladimir Putin, described his methods as “genius” and “savvy,” and of course, claimed that he could put an end to the war, although he’s suggested that his means would involve expecting Ukraine to make concessions to the invaders.

Other MAGAts, such as Marjorie Taylor Greene, are also pushing their audiences to abandon Ukraine. She recently tweeted, declaring:

“America needs to end the war in Ukraine immediately. I voted NO to every penny & repeatedly called for public audits bc the corruption of our $113 BILLION DOLLARS is known to our people.”

It’s not just Congressional Republicans, either — their media counterparts are also spreading the message.

Tucker Carlson, for instance, regularly uses his Fox News show to push anti-Ukraine sentiments that are then re-aired on Russian propaganda media. He even said in one clip (see below) that he’s rooting for Russia.

This raises the question — if most Americans stand with Ukraine, even a slim majority of Republicans, why is the MAGA movement going out of its way to change that, and push against what their constituents want?

The Gaetz clip railing against support for Ukraine is below.

Watch Carlson below as he says he’s rooting for Russia, then claims he’s never sided with Putin.

See Gallup’s analysis here.

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