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ASSAULTING: House Republican’s offensive lapel fashion faux pas spreads in Congress

ASSAULTING: House Republican’s offensive lapel fashion faux pas spreads in Congress

ASSAULTING: House Republican's offensive lapel fashion faux pas spreads in Congress

Now that they’re enjoying a razor-thin majority, House Republicans are smoking in their Congressional offices while not having to worry about security preventing them from packing heat on the floor.

In fact, to celebrate the MAGA victory over the Democrats, AR-15 pins started showing up on the lapels of a lot of the worst people in place of the traditional American flag pins.

But tell me more about Black football players disrespecting America, Trumpocrites.

It took a while before anyone solved the mystery of the Man with the Golden Gun Pins, but like all mediocre MAGA men, the culprit couldn’t stand not getting the credit he thinks he deserves.

The guy who’s been handing out AR-15 lapel pins to his fellow NRAnuses in the QAnon Caucus is none other than Rep. Andrew “Run and Hide” Clyde (R-GA), who famously cowered behind braver men during the January 6th insurrection that he probably knew was coming but somehow thought wouldn’t impact him.

Twitter Critics Post Jan. 6 Photo Of Terrified GOP Rep Now Handing Out Assault Rifle Pins | HuffPost Latest News
CLYDE: This wasn’t part of the plan! They’re only supposed to go after Democrats!

Clyde, who was seen wearing one of his pins last week while criticizing the Biden administration’s proposed gun restrictions, outed himself as the Gun Fairy in a tweet.

“I’m Congressman Andrew Clyde for Georgia’s 9th District,” Clyde smarms in the video he tweeted.

“I hear that this little pin I’ve been giving out on the House floor has been triggering some of my Democrat colleagues. I give it out to remind people of the Second Amendment of the Constitution and how important it is in preserving our liberties. If I missed you on the House floor, please stop by my office in Cannon, I have plenty more to give out.”

Triggering, HA HA!

Really hilarious, especially since a family of three just died in a murder-suicide pact over Donald Trump’s MAGA propaganda in Pennsylvania and we seem to never stop hearing about mass shootings where the weapon involved is an AR-15.

Also, it’s DEMOCRATIC and they know it and that bothers me.

Twitter told Clyde exactly what they thought of the gun pin on his uniform.

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