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FASCISTLAND: Disney was too ‘woke’ for Ron DeSantis so now he’s retaliating

FASCISTLAND: Disney was too ‘woke’ for Ron DeSantis so now he’s retaliating

TRAGIC KINGDOM: DeSantis's Reedy Creek revenge on Disney

Florida Republicans are preparing for the state to take control of the Reedy Creek Improvement special district that’s been governed by Walt Disney World since 1967.

A bill introduced in February will give Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) the authority to appoint the five-member board.

Read the legislation below. 

“Reedy Creek bill just dropped,” state Rep. Anna V. Eskamani (D-FL-42) tweeted.

At 189 pages, the Orlando Democrat alleges the proposed legislation is authoritarian politics.

“It’s a clear power grab by the Governor. He gets to appoint all FIVE board members,” Eskamani wrote.

Introduced on Monday, HB 9B by Rep. Fred Hawkins (R-FL-42), the pending legislation will not only repeal chapter 67-764 of Florida Law as it pertains to the special district, but place the state in control of revenue collection, the transition of power, and revising both the powers and the pay of board members.

With Republican majorities in the state legislature, Gov. DeSantis reportedly has the votes he needs to see the legislation passed.

The newly named Central Florida Tourism Oversight District would assume control of the municipalities that Disney was previously responsible for.

Under the jurisdiction of Walt Disney, Reedy Creek’s infrastructure was paid for by additional taxes the corporation levied on itself to maintain the district’s infrastructure, sewage, utilities, and public transportation needs and operate fire and EMS services in the municipalities

“We’re not going to have a corporation controlling its own government,” DeSantis told reporters last week.

One down, 1799 to go.

According to the Florida Association of Special Districts, over 1800 Independent and Special districts operate in the state.

“This action and subsequent news articles have largely been focused on the social political topic driving the dissolution of these districts, and, unfortunately, less so on what special districts are and the great services they provide to millions of Americans across the country.” National Special Districts Coalition.

District debt has reached close to $1 billion – which opponents of the bill claim will be passed on to Florida taxpayers.

DeSantis waged war against the family entertainment corporation after Disney spoke out against Florida’s “Don’t Say, Gay,” bill, which has been condemned as discriminatory and potentially harmful to members of the LGBTQ community.

The governor’s misguided, and relentless attack on those not subscribing to his brand of Christofascist authoritarian governance is a dangerous display of what’s to come.

Unfortunately, the Trump frenemy’s allies in the GOP-controlled state legislatures are all-in on promoting and propagating Gov. DeSantis’ anti-democratic political and cultural agenda.

The long-term consequences of the state’s decision to dissolve the Reedy Creek special district and take control – and whether Disney will push back on the recent development – remain to be seen.

Read HB 9B here.

Original reporting by Ted Johnson at Deadline. 

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