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ABYSMAL: Sanders’ SOTU rebuttal is a dark, dystopian delusion of MAGA Republicans

ABYSMAL: Sanders’ SOTU rebuttal is a dark, dystopian delusion of MAGA Republicans

ABYSMAL: Sanders' SOTU rebuttal is a dark, dystopian delusion of MAGA Republicans

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Sarah Huckabee Sanders, currently the new governor of Arkansas, lectured Americans Tuesday night about why we shouldn’t talk about racism and white privilege, and about how America is the greatest, best, most brilliant country on earth because we have the most opportunity.

Except we don’t.

We rank 27th as far as social mobility.

According to the World Population Review, we have a poverty rate of almost 18%, which is probably a low estimate, as our poverty line is considered artificially low by many experts (meaning that more people actually fall under it than it seems).

We’re nowhere near the top in education either, which many consider a key pathway to advancement. We consistently rank only in the middle of the pack when it comes to reading scores, 11th in science, and below average in math.

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Sanders’s speech presented the typical Republican cognitive dissonance.

Somehow we’re both the best and the freest, yet suffering under the yoke of Joe Biden.

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We have a great deal to fear from the “woke mob” Biden leads, she said, but nothing to fear, apparently, from the actual mob Trump led to try to overthrow the government.

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The left is “crazy,” but Marjorie Taylor Greene and QAnon conspiracy theorists on the right are somehow “normal.”

Free speech and freedom from government control are hugely important, she told us, but not if that free speech involves teaching about racism in American history or, one can infer, taking a knee at a football game, because that would be a way of indicating that you don’t actually love America.

She told us how she’s against government control, then proceeded to explain how she’s going to say what kids can hear in the classroom.

Without any sense of irony, she talked about not believing everything she hears – especially when it comes to Joe Biden – when she not only worked for a president who lied more than any president in history, but also helped him spread those lies, some of which – like when she lied about James Comey being disliked by many at the FBI – were incredibly significant.

Just as bad as Sanders’s dishonesty were her vitriol and her general dullness.

She made sure to refer to Biden’s age when “admitting” that the two don’t have a lot in common, since she is the youngest governor in the country and he the oldest president ever to hold office. She added, “I’m for freedom; he’s for government control.”

While that’s of course ridiculous, what she is, actually, is the product of nepotism whose father, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, guided and supplied the means for practically every aspect of her career – and who herself served a president who was set up in business and handed a real estate empire by his father, and who in turn appointed his own kids to positions in business and government despite a complete lack of qualifications.

Sarah, there are some key differences between you and Joe Biden:

For starters, he’s a self-made man; you rode daddy’s coattails to every job you ever had.

Second, while nobody’s perfect, Joe Biden is generally honest and straightforward, whereas you are a deceptive Trumplican who wouldn’t know the truth if it jumped up and bit ya in the ass.

Third, Joe Biden has experienced a great deal of tragedy in his life and has genuine compassion for people.

You’ve lived a life of privilege and understand little besides how to hobnob at cocktail parties while munching caviar.

Sanders desperately tried to seem relatable by telling her supposedly amazing cancer story.

While no cancer is good, thyroid cancer has about a 90% survival rate.

Despite all her claims about “faith,” it did not take a miracle to cure it.

More to the point: two types of people can get cancer: good and bad.

The point being, cancer does not discriminate, and just getting cancer doesn’t necessarily make you a better person or more relatable.

Worse than her cancer tale, though, was her story about visiting American troops in Iraq for all of a few hours.

Some spin doctor must’ve told Sanders that she needed a story like this to show her supposed heroism.

She even detailed how – brace yourself – they had to turn off their phones.

Oh, the horror!

Somehow, while praising the troops, she forgot that the president that she served was a draft dodger.

Must’ve slipped her mind.

But the truly scary thing about Sanders’s speech is how obvious it made the fact that her party is still very much beholden to Donald Trump.

Here we have someone who literally tried to overthrow an American election and perhaps bring our republic – as faulted as it is – to a complete end, and the latest Big Lie from the GOP is that somehow Joe Biden represents more of a danger than that man.

Sadly, the media has been all too complicit in this, allowing this narrative to stand largely unchallenged, treating Trump as if he’s just another political figure.

He’s not.

And we can never forget it.

And we should never let Sanders or McCarthy or MTG or any of the other sycophants forget it either.

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