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DEMITTED: Fed up GOP senator scorches Santos, says what others had no spine to say

DEMITTED: Fed up GOP senator scorches Santos, says what others had no spine to say

DEMITTED: Fed up GOP senator scorches Santos, says what others had no spine to say

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Senator Mitt Romney is fed up with his party’s acceptance of idiocy, as seen at the State of the Union address Tuesday night when he was caught calling out problematic Representative George Santos for his antics.

House Republicans may not mind turning Congress into a clown show, but Romney, at least, is definitely over it, and ready for leadership to uphold some standards of decency.

Santos has made it clear he doesn’t care what his colleagues or the voting public think about him lying about his background, and that he intends to hold his Congressional seat unless and until he’s tossed out.

Still, Romney seemed to reach a boiling point, and was caught on camera having heated words with Santos (videos below).

Afterward, questioned by reporters, Romney admitted that he told the newbie he doesn’t “belong here.”

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Though he could have been referring to Congress, the SOTU, or just that specific area of the room, he also explained that he was particularly upset at Santos “parading around” the front of the room, trying to shake hands with Senators and placing himself in proximity to President Joe Biden.

Romney said that, while under ethics investigations, Santos, who is accused of a long list of violations, bad behaviors, and criminal acts, should be sitting at the back of the room, and keeping his mouth shut.

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He was irritated to see the man facing allegations of financial misdeeds, theft, and sexual harassment, among others, showing no apparent shame. Romney said:

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“I didn’t expect that he’d be standing there trying to shake hands with every Senator and the President of the United States. Given the fact that he’s under ethics investigations, he should be sitting in the back row staying quiet instead of parading in front of the president and people coming into the room.”

Romney also rejected Santos’ acknowledgment that he “embellished” his record.

“Look, embellishing is saying you got an A when you got an A minus. Lying is saying you graduated from a college you didn’t even attend,” Romney explained.

Romney added that he hopes the ethics committee will “go through the process” and “get him out” of Congress.

Watch below:

In a clip captured of the actual conversation between the two — unfortunately inaudible — Romney looks highly irritated, and Santos looks like he’s trying to maintain a look of amusement and jollity while being chastised.

He can be seen saying something to Romney’s back, but the Senator told reporters he didn’t hear the response.

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