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#SQUADGOALS: Wait until you hear Trump’s latest plan on crime crackdowns

#SQUADGOALS: Wait until you hear Trump’s latest plan on crime crackdowns

#SQUADGOALS: Wait until you hear Trump's latest plan on crime crackdowns

Donald Trump has taken his depravity to new heights with plans to bring back public executions if he manages to steal his way into another term as commander-in-chief.

Trump has been vocal about his desire to reinstate inhumane forms of capital punishment – including death by firing squad and hanging.

“He has even, one of the sources recounts, mused about televising footage of executions, including showing condemned prisoners in the final moments of their lives,” reported Rolling Stone

Since launching his uninspiring 2024 Presidential campaign last November, the disastrous ex-President has struggled to find a winning platform, taking a sharp right turn with calls to execute drug dealers in an attempt to play up his “tough on crime” persona.

A spokesman for Trump denounced the allegations as “fake news.”

“Either these people are fabricating lies out of thin air, or Rolling Stone is allowing themselves to be duped by these morons,” they wrote in an email.

How soon they forget.

“We need people dying in a ditch,” he reportedly said.

During talks on how the Trump administration should take on the opioid crisis, the then-President reportedly told White House counsel and long-time Republican operative, Kellyanne Conway, “I want bodies stacked on top of bodies.”

In the 2019 book, Team of Vipers: My extraordinary 500 days in the Trump White House, former staffer Cliff Simms detailed the conversation between Trump and one of his most loyal allies.

“Do it like they did with cigarettes,” Trump allegedly said. “They had body bags piled all over the streets and ugly people with giant holes in their faces and necks.”

Trump’s praise of authoritarian rulers like North Korean President Kim Jong-Un, China’s Xi Jinping, and President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines is widely known despite the totalitarian governments’ documented records of human rights abuses.

Over 7,000 Filipinos were killed during Duterte’s war on drugs – making an impression on the bloodthirsty ex-U.S. President, who went so far as to invite the leader to the White House in 2017.

“Duterte is hardly the only autocrat Trump has had kind words for. From Saddam Hussein’s efficient killing of terrorists to the “smart cookie” in North Korea, Trump has praised strongmen around the world when others wouldn’t.” – NPR 

In the final months of the Trump Administration, 13 federal prisoners were executed – nearly four times those killed since 1963.

Trump’s fascination with biblical forms of justice wasn’t a secret around the White House according to a former official.

“In conversations, I’d been in the room for, President Trump would explicitly say that he’d love a country that was totally an ‘eye for an eye,'” they said. “He’d talk about how the ‘right’ way to do it is to line up criminals and drug dealers before a firing squad.”

It’s no secret Trump is spiteful and vengeful, as evidenced by the public attacks on those he doesn’t like via his fledgling right-wing social media app, Truth Social.

Trump has recently been re-instated to two of the world’s most wide-reaching social media websites – Facebook and Twitter.

This will give the temperamental and violence-inciting 2024 GOP Presidential candidate an avenue to spread his vile rhetoric.

Bill Barr is actually credited with being the brains behind the rapid succession of executions during the Trump administration.

The two-time U.S. Attorney General admitted that the administration was ready to add to the death toll if his former boss was re-elected in 2020, Rolling Stone reported.

Prior to leaving office, Trump changed the rules regarding methods of execution, opening the door for the federal government to implement alternatives like the firing squad.

“You just got to kill these people,” Trump said according to the former White House staffer. 

“He had a particular affinity for the firing squad, because it seemed more dramatic, rather than how we do it, putting a syringe in people and putting them to sleep,” the official added.

Original reporting by Asawin Suebsaeng, and Patric Reis at Rolling Stone. 

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