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BYE: Fox News hack Hannity pushes secession drivel

BYE: Fox News hack Hannity pushes secession drivel

BYE: Fox News hack Hannity pushes secession drivel

Sean Hannity is pushing a new and seriously dangerous trope thanks to the Devil’s Daughter taking over the GOP, and no, I don’t mean Ivanka.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor “No Longer” Greene (Q-GA via the Hellmouth beneath Mar-a-Lago) wasn’t miserable enough after divorcing her poor cuckolded husband, so on Presidents’ Day, she called for a “National Divorce” from the Blue states that hurt her Daddy Donny’s precious snowflake fee-fees.

While we’re all GURL BYE, Hannity took to the acrid Murdoch airwaves to support sedition.

Let’s not dick around here: “National Divorce” is their code for “Civil War,” just as “Christian Nationalist” is code for “Nazi.”

Hannity is still bloviating nightly on Fox News despite the entire world knowing that everything he says is a lie he doesn’t actually believe, which is something we learned from the bombshell Dominion lawsuit.

I’ll say this about Client Number Three: brother’s got some salt in whatever’s left of his crumbling spine.

If I found out that the entire MSNBC on-air lineup had been lying to me for the last seven years, I’d be supremely pissed off and would immediately find a different source for my news, because I have this weird quirk where the truth really matters to me.

But since facts have never once mattered to the Faux News audience, Hannity and the rest of the Fox Trumpocrites still have jobs, while CNN’s Don Lemon had to take a couple of days off for making and then apologizing for his ageist comments regarding Nikki Haley.

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Fox News shouldn’t exist anymore, period.

It’s bad enough to serve up bullshittery to the masses under the “infotainment” umbrella, but it’s really hard for me to grasp an audience who prefers being lied to.

Twitter was scorching both Hackneyed Hannity and “Sporkfoot” Greene (who was dressed like a Tonya Harding impersonator) on Wednesday for doing some light treason on the teevee.

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