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SORDID: CPAC Chair Matt Schlapp’s sex assault accuser releases explosive video!

SORDID: CPAC Chair Matt Schlapp’s sex assault accuser releases explosive video!

SORDID: CPAC Chair Matt Schlapp's sexual assault accuser releases explosive video!

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CPAC Chair Matt Schlapp has denied allegedly sexually assaulting a staffer on Herschel Walker’s Senate campaign, pointing out that the accuser has remained anonymous and suggesting that the accusation is a coordinated attack — but now the alleged victim has come out by name, and released a video statement you’ll see at the bottom of this page.

His name is Carlton Huffman, and he introduces himself as someone who is not a “perfect hero” for the left in this situation — he’s faced his own scandal for extremist views, when the material he wrote for a white supremacist blog resurfaced recently, resulting in his resignation from a position as a policy advisor with the North Carolina General Assembly.

He disavows those views now, even as he cites them to support his conservative cred.

However, it’s the rest of what he’s sharing that’s of immediate concern for the CPAC leader, who Huffman says took him to a bar, had tequila shots, and kept bumping into him, invading his space.

Huffman hints that Schlapp mistook his Sig Sauer for a body part, and says that the established conservative kept his hand on Huffman’s leg during the drive back to the hotel, then “reached over and grabbed me where you should not be grabbed whenever you don’t want to be.”

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He says that he didn’t want to come forward at the time because he was focused on Walker’s campaign, and didn’t want to detract from what he saw as an important cause.

However, he now feels he owes it to himself to use his voice, speak out, and “ensure that Matt Schlapp never gets the opportunity to prey on anyone else without the world knowing what kind of man he is.” From Washington Post:

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“Other Republicans have vouched for the conservative bona fides of Huffman, a lifelong Republican who has spent his entire career working in GOP politics…Huffman had been working for Walker’s campaign as a regional field director for more than two months when he was asked to drive a VIP campaign supporter [who would turn out to be Schlapp] from out of town on Oct. 19.”

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