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MILITARY MADNESS: Rudy Giuliani — Mexican war monger

MILITARY MADNESS: Rudy Giuliani — Mexican war monger

MILITARY MADNESS: Rudy Giuliani — Mexican war monger

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Former Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani has said his fair share of bizarre things, but this time he just may have jumped the shark with his latest suggestion that the United States declare war on — and bomb — the Mexican cartels.

Listen to the audio below.

“We’re gonna go take them out, and we’re gonna set up a peace zone. We’re gonna set up a zone between the United States and Mexico that we’re gonna control,” Giuliani told WABC’s David Edwards in an interview.

“Call it police action. If I were advising a president I’d say c’mon, let’s show a pair of cajones here, let’s go to Congress and have a declaration of war against the cartels. Let’s declare a war against them. Because I’m tired of them of my kids getting killed. You’re killing too many of my young people,” he continued.

“Cartels, get the hell out of the safe zone because I’m going to bomb the hell out of you,” the disgraced former New York mayor added.

In the aftermath of the kidnapping of four American citizens — two of whom were murdered — in the border town of Matamoros, just south of the southernmost part of Texas, Republicans have been up in arms and are wasting no time before resorting to war-mongering.

What the former President’s ex-lawyer also fails to mention is that a level-four travel advisory was issued by the U.S. State Department in October 2022, warning Americans not to travel to several Mexican states — including Taumalipas, where Matamoras is located.

Also left out of Giuliani’s narrative was the existence of a safety corridor established in 2018 on a 65-mile stretch of road between Lukeville, AZ, and Puerto Peñasco, MX, which is a popular destination spot for Americans due to its close proximity to the United States and coined “Arizona’s Beach.”

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That the cartels are a problem is not a new issue — but neither is one of the reasons for their existence.

Supply and demand — guns and drugs.

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Failure to deal with the underlying issues of addiction in the United States has fueled an industry that’s been enabled by the southern flow of firearms.

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This symbiotic relationship is not lost on Mexican officials.

“In August 2021 the Mexican government filed a $10 billion lawsuit against eleven American gun manufacturers, including Smith & Wesson, Colt, and Beretta, accusing them of marketing and selling weapons favored by organized crime and contributing to bloodshed in Mexico,” Texas Public Radio reported.

Mexico’s President Manuel Andres Lopez Obrador condemned right-wing calls to install a military presence in the free and sovereign nation, reacting to a move that could jeopardize the relationship between one of the nation’s largest trading partners and destabilize the region.

“They have the arrogance to say that if we don’t fight crime in Mexico, they’re going to pass an initiative in Congress so the armed forces of the US intervene in our territory,” the Mexican president said during his morning press conference on Friday. “We won’t allow it. And not only are we not going to allow it, we’re denouncing it.”

After two of the four Americans were safely returned to U.S. custody, the Scorpions Group cartel turned over the five men responsible for the abduction and killings with an apology note.

“We have decided to turn over those who were directly involved and responsible for the events”, the Scorpions Group wrote.

They added that the rogue cartel members violated the rules of “protecting the lives of the innocent”.

It’s ironic that the same group of right-wing extremists — like Rudy Giuliani, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and their ilk — who condemn U.S. support of Ukraine in the war brought on by an illegal Russian invasion are now calling for war with Mexico through an illegal invasion of a neighboring sovereign nation.

It appears as if Rudy Giuliani isn’t content with appearing before American grand juries for his involvement in election fraud for Donald Trump.

He now looks like he’s gunning for an appearance at the Hague for violation of international law.

Listen to Rudy Giuliani’s militaristic rant against Mexico in the audio clip below.

Original reporting by David Edwards at WABC Radio.

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