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REWIND: Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell just ADMITTED this on secret Fox tapes

REWIND: Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell just ADMITTED this on secret Fox tapes

REWIND: Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell just ADMITTED this on secret Fox tapes

In her latest filing against Fox News for covering up facts about their 2020 election coverage, former producer Abby Grossberg now reveals that she handed over recordings to the network that they don’t seem to have passed on in the discovery portion of the Dominion defamation case.

In them, Rudy Giuliani admits that there’s no evidence Nancy Pelosi has any stake in Dominion Voting Systems, or that the machines altered the election; Sidney Powell admits that her only evidence is a claim by an unnamed ‘witness’; and a Trump team member admits that voting machines in Georgia weren’t ‘rigged’ and that the campaign wants a lot more media attention on the (then-upcoming) January 6th rallies.

According to the new filing by Grossberg, these are some of the recorded conversations she turned over to her former bosses at Fox, and the network seems to have failed to hand them over as the defamation case filed by Dominion, alleging that the network knowingly aired lies about the company, heads to court.

In advance of an on-air interview, Grossberg explains that she would have backstage conversations with guests, recording them with a transcription device. She says the production crew also bore witness to these conversations. From the Daily Beast:

“Grossberg’s legal team claims that despite having access to her devices multiple times, Fox News “deliberately or recklessly failed to produce highly relevant recordings of behind-the-scenes conversations” to Dominion in the course of its lawsuit.”
Grossberg says that Fox‘s legal team coached her for depositions, training her to leave out a lot of important information.
Now she’s reversed course, filed a lawsuit against her former employer (which was her current employer until the moment she began sharing this information), and is opening up about all the facts she says her employer didn’t want released.
Fox‘s own disclosures could be damaging in themselves.
They include conversations, according to the New York Times, in which Tucker Carlson and others discuss how ridiculous the election conspiracy theories are, and make fun of the attorneys who are pushing those claims more in the court of public opinion than in courtrooms.
Carlson even acknowledges that Powell “is lying,” but she and others still appear on his show, because, “Our viewers are good people and they believe it.”
A judge has ruled that Dominion would not be allowed to bring up the topic of January 6th in court, but if the recording that Grossberg describes, in which a Trump campaign official discusses both the falsity of allegations against Dominion and the necessity of attention to January 6th, surfaces, that could alter events.
Certainly Trump’s allies made the link — see a clip below in which Giuliani, at the rally ahead of the attack on the Capitol, cites those same claims he (allegedly) admitted he couldn’t back, as a reason for “trial by combat.” (What he has to say about hiding evidence is interesting too.)
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