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SCHOOLED: Best-selling author READS Klanned Karenhood cultist for banning books

SCHOOLED: Best-selling author READS Klanned Karenhood cultist for banning books

SCHOOLED: Best-selling author READS Klanned Karenhood cultist for banning books

A school district in Florida has removed several books from its library by best-selling author Nora Roberts solely based upon objections from just one woman.

The Martin County school board had already banned 20 books by another popular author, Jodi Picoult, as conservative book bans continue to sweep the country.

Tiffany Justice, the co-founder of “Moms For Liberty” (full disclosure: both have blocked me on Twitter) appeared on a segment of CBS Sunday Morning on April 23rd and was asked what books she wanted to remain in public schools.

“Books that don’t have pornography in them,” the falsely-named Justice piously replied. “Let’s just put the bar really, really low. Books that don’t have incest, pedophilia, rape.”

Wait ’til she hears what’s in the Bible.

After the segment aired, Martin County took action, yanking eight titles by Roberts from the high school’s library.

In addition to eight Roberts novels, Martin County high schools also banned Judy Blume’s 1975 classic Forever … and The Fixer by Bernard Malamud, which won a Pulitzer Prize.

According to parental objection forms obtained by the Washington Post sent to the Florida Freedom to Read Project, the complaint read: “These books are adult romance novels. They have absolutely no reason to be in school libraries.”

The content of the books by Roberts doesn’t really seem that bad once you hear the synopses.

One of them is even called Vision in White, so you’d think MAGA racists would love that, but nah,

Part of her “Bride Quartet” series, Vision in White is about “friends seeking love” as they build their wedding-planning business.

While the books do contain some sex scenes, the language is vague and suggestive, rather than explicit.

One example that was just too sexy for Tiffany Justice is about as tame as tame gets:

“He touched, he tasted, he lingered until her quivers became trembles.”

Poor Tiffany, she has no idea where her own clitoris even is.

All four of those books end with either marriage proposals or happy weddings, just like in real life (not)!

While Roberts acknowledges that her books contain “sex,” she stresses it’s always “monogamous” and “consensual.”

Roberts told the Washington Post, “If you don’t want your teenager reading this book, that’s your right as a mom — and good luck with that. But you don’t have the right to say nobody’s kid can read this book.”

Roberts, who donated $50K to a Michigan library that was defunded due to books with LGBTQ content, also said she was “surprised that they wouldn’t want teenagers to read about healthy relationships that are monogamous, consensual, healthy and end up in marriage.”

Not when they can manufacture all of this fake outrage, Nora.

But don’t worry, Twitter’s got your six (plus the two other books).



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