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CONFRONTATIONAL: Trump cuts trip abroad short to “probably attend” remainder of rape trial

CONFRONTATIONAL: Trump cuts trip abroad short to “probably attend” remainder of rape trial

CONFRONTATIONAL: Trump cuts trip abroad short to "probably attend" remainder of rape trial

Donald Trump said he would not take part in the civil trial alleging that he raped E. Jean Carroll in a dressing room years ago, in part because he had planned a trip to Ireland and Scotland, but now he says he’s cutting his trip short and coming back to the U.S. to “confront” her.

A defendant has the right to face his accuser on the witness stand, but Trump, through his attorney, Joe Tacopina, has already informed the court that neither he nor the only other witness who was being called by his team will be testifying.

His expert witness, psychologist Edgar Nace, won’t be appearing due to unspecified health concerns, Tacopina shared, and Trump himself is choosing not to appear.

That seems to have changed the day after another psychologist Leslie Lebowitz testified that Carroll’s testimony, behavior, and mindset were all consistent with a person who went through a traumatic event, and that it’s entirely normal for a rape victim to be unable to recall specific details, and to no scream during the attack — among other factors that Trump’s attorney has posed as evidence that the sexual assault didn’t happen.

Trump declared that he’ll be returning to the U.S., where he’ll “probably attend” the remaining days of the trial, saying, “I’m gonna confront this woman,” and calling Carroll “a disgrace.” The Irish Examiner quoted Trump as saying:

“I have to go back for a woman that made a false accusation about me and I have a judge that is extremely hostile…This is a political attack. This is the only way they think they can win the election because [Joe] Biden is losing,”

You can see a portion of his rant in the video clip below..

Tacopina was asked ahead of the trial to state whether his client would be appearing, and first requested that the court excuse him from appearing based on the logistics of security, then, when Judge Lewis Kaplan responded that Trump had the freedom, in a civil case, to choose whether to appear, but that security could be handled if he did so chose, Trump’s attorney said that decision would be made later.

However, on Wednesday, Tacopina said Trump had elected not to attend, nor to mount a defense.


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