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PERJURY: Trump Org. CFO facing new charges after Riker’s Island stint

PERJURY: Trump Org. CFO facing new charges after Riker’s Island stint

PERJURY: Trump Org. CFO facing new charges after Riker's Island stint

The Trump Organization’s Chief Financial Officer had a plea deal that involved cooperating with investigators but now the money man is facing new charges stemming from his previous testimony.

Allen Weisselberg agreed to testify against the Trump Organization in the investigation into tax dodging by failing to report perks and compensation to employees.

However, he didn’t agree to testify against Trump himself.

Now he may not have a choice.

Thanks to false statements he made under oath during a deposition given to the office of Attorney General Letitia James, perjury charges could be on the table if he doesn’t agree to answer questions in investigations centered around Trump’s other alleged financial crimes.

In addition to allegations that he falsified financial information to dodge taxes and receive benefits and loans to which he was not entitled.

Trump is also facing 34 felony charges for falsifying financial information in New York.

These falsifications become a felony because they’re alleged to have been made to cover up another crime: the illegal campaign contributions that the funds would qualify as if the payments were made to keep voters from knowing about Trump’s affair. The New York Times is reporting:

“Mr. Weisselberg has so far refused to turn against his former boss, but the prosecutors recently ramped up the pressure, warning his lawyers that they might bring the perjury charges if their client declined to testify against Mr. Trump.”

Trump has already claimed that Judge Juan Manuel Marchan “railroaded” Weisselberg into the plea deal unfairly. And illegally posting on TruthSocial:

“The Judge…is the same person who “railroaded” my 75 year old former CFO, Allen Weisselberg, to take a “plea” deal (Plead GUILTY, even if you are not, 90 DAYS, fight us in Court, 10 years (life!) in jail. He strong armed Allen, which a judge is not allowed to do…”

Weisselberg was just released from Riker’s Island last month after being sentenced to five months but only serving 100 days.

Trump’s money man is unlikely to be enthusiastic about the possibility of going back and could very well decide that testifying against his former employer is the better option.

Other witnesses who the D.A.’s office has already interviewed about the felony charges include Stormy Daniels, to whom the payments were made.

Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen, who facilitated the payments, has been cooperating with Manhattan prosecutors for years now.

Finally, David Pecker was CEO of AMI, the company that owned the National Enquirer.

His company admitted Pecker helped Trump keep the story out of the media through a ‘catch-and-kill’ scheme and pledged its truthful cooperation with the Manhattan DA inside a nonprosecution agreement with federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York.

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