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OP-ED: What should happen to a congressman when he assaults a protestor?

OP-ED: What should happen to a congressman when he assaults a protestor?

OP-ED: What should happen to a congressman when he assaults a protestor?

A House Republican just got caught on camera battering an activist protestor in a press conference gone wrong on Capitol Hill.

Videos showing Congressman Clay Higgins (R-LA) forcibly removing an activist from a press conference outside the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday have gone viral.

Several Twitter users shared footage of Higgins physically assaulting progressive activist Jake Burdett after he simply tried to ask questions, a standard practice at press events.

In one clip, Burdett attempts to ask sadistic Arizona dentist Rep. Paul Gosar a question about a rally he attended with neo-Nazis.

Another clip shows Burdett calling out to Rep. Lauren Boebert (Q-CO) to ask about her divorce at the press conference.

Amazingly, the activist was the one detained by the DC Police.

While Clay Higgins, who sits on the House Oversight Committee, was allowed to walk free to probably kick puppies on his way back to his underground lair.

Louisiana news station KATC reached out to Higgins for a comment and got this in return:

“Activist was a 103M. Threatening. He was escorted out and turned over to Capitol Police. Textbook.”

“103M” is cop talk for “disturbance by a mental person.”

Uh, okay, Trumpers.

Jake Burdett was just asking questions. He didn’t threaten anyone with anything except the truth they always try to avoid.

Best known as the “Cajun John Wayne” for his insane antics as a local sheriff, Higgins is just the latest example of unchecked MAGA mania in Congress.

I’ve had my own run-ins with Boebert, Gosar, Marjorie Taylor Greene (Q-Trump’s undercarriage), Matt Gaetz (R-for-Rapey, FL), and Ted Cruz (Useless, TX).

The first three blocked me on their personal Twitter accounts. Bobo and Marge were forced to unblock me for legal reasons.

Gaetz used his official government account to harass me and encouraged his followers to do the same.

And boy, did they!

Why no, nothing has ever happened to Captain Venmo Rapey McForehead, the worst Florida Man (if such a thing is possible), despite my many efforts.

How silly of me to think I could convince the Florida Bar or the House Ethics Committee to protect me from Matt Gaetz’s MAGA minions.

As for Paul “Is It Safe?” Gosar, that Nazi whose entire family hates him, still has me blocked on his personal account.

His Comms Director will never reply to my requests to unblock me.

Unlike the crack staffers in Sen. Ted Cruz’s office, who thought it was fine to harass me on Twitter for daring to write about how useless their boss is.

An email sent to Rep. Higgins’s office wasn’t returned by press time.

But I don’t really expect to get an answer.

See the footage of Clay Higgins physically assaulting Jake Burdett at a press conference for yourself in the tweets below, as well as the calls for Higgins to be arrested from basically all of Twitter.

I really like this kid.


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Tara Dublin
Tara is a reported opinion columnist at Occupy Democrats. She's a woefully underappreciated and unrepresented writer currently shopping for a super cool novel that has nothing to do with politics while also fighting fascism on a daily. Follow her on Twitter @taradublinrocks

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