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WEAPONIZATION: Trump admits he asked DOJ to go after Biden

WEAPONIZATION: Trump admits he asked DOJ to go after Biden

WEAPONIZATION: Trump admits he asked DOJ to go after Biden

Who weaponized the Department of Justice? The former president is bemoaning the failure of his efforts.

During his presidency, Donald Trump openly attacked Joe Biden, blasting him both with allegations that he was too ‘sleepy’ and incompetent to get anything done and that he was a criminal mastermind, overseeing an imagined network of influence-peddling for profit.

Trump was even impeached for attempts to engage a foreign government in efforts to smear Biden.

Now he’s spilling his guts on social media, complaining about what he deems unfair treatment.

He’s upset that multiple investigations into his alleged criminal behavior didn’t grind to a halt when he announced his candidacy — after the Justice Department refused to act on his unsupported allegations against Biden.

Trump’s complaint, though, comes across as an admission of guilt.

He complains that Bill Barr, as his attorney general, wouldn’t aggressively pursue politically-motivated investigations and that it was “hard getting him to move” — seeming to confess that he was pressuring Barr to do so. He said:

“While I was in office, Bill Barr, as Attorney General, was very slow & unenthusiastic about going after Joe & Hunter Biden regarding their possible criminal activity….It was hard getting him to move, but I always felt he believed you just don’t go after Presidents, VP.’s, & Presidential Candidates very cavalierly. I understood that, & was sort of OK with it. Now Biden thugs want to indict me, for NOTHING!”

Reports over the past few days have indicated that Trump’s lawyers believe he’ll be indicted for keeping boxes of classified government documents at Mar-a-Lago and, according to some accounts, showing classified material to others.

This post confirms that Trump, at least, believes that indictments are imminent.

It also shows that he wanted his opponent in 2020 to be pursued for trumped-up (no pun intended) charges, even though he claims he “was sort of ok with it.”

Notably, Biden, who is currently the President of the United States, is also being investigated separately for documents found in his home and office, though that investigation differs in two majors elements: first, Biden did not attempt to refuse to return the documents and is cooperating with the investigation, and second, that because that investigation began later, it’s at an earlier stage than Trump’s.

(Biden also isn’t credibly accused of showing documents to anyone else.)

See Trump’s full post below.

[Screenshot via Donald Trump/TruthSocial]
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