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REVENGE: Trump details how he’ll retaliate against his enemies if re-elected

REVENGE: Trump details how he’ll retaliate against his enemies if re-elected

REVENGE: Trump details how he'll retaliate against his enemies if re-elected

Donald Trump has his political allies and even members of his legal team working to get the names of every FBI agent and every employee of the Justice Department who is involved with the myriad investigations into his alleged criminal activity.

He’s saying that the plan is to “purge” them all from their positions when (if) he’s re-elected, but given his history, retaliation could come far sooner than the 2024 election.

Trump has a habit of blasting those who stand against him, from politicians to witnesses to judges, on his social media and at political rallies.

This has spurred his fans to actions ranging from decisions at the polls, to harassment, threats, and even violence.

One judge has already warned the former president against the harassment and intimidation tactics he’s known for.

A few examples include the assailant who entered the home of Nancy Pelosi — after years of Trump’s verbal attacks on her — and instead found (and attacked) her husband and the threats to District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

This time, he’s reportedly trying to gather a full list and plans to have everyone from FBI Director Christopher Wray — who he himself appointed — on down removed. Rolling Stone reports:

“In recent months, the former president has asked close advisers, including at least one of his personal attorneys, if ‘we know’ all the names of senior FBI agents and Justice Department personnel who have worked on the federal probes into him. That’s according to two sources with direct knowledge of the matter and another person briefed on it.”

Meanwhile, a judge in Trump’s felony case just held a special hearing to explain to him that if he tries to leak information about witnesses and evidence, or uses his platforms to attack witnesses, he could face additional charges or penalties, acknowledging that this warning was necessary due to Trump’s history of attacking and harassing witnesses.

Trump responded by complaining on his social media, saying, “I believe my First Amendment Rights, ‘Freedom of Speech,’ have been violated,” and arguing that being forbidden to retaliate against witnesses constitutes election interference.

He’s admitting to a plan of retaliation against the investigators by removing them from their employment if he’s re-elected, but it would be no surprise if he made his list public to his fans first.

Stephanie Bazzle
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