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DESPERATION: MAGA supporters want to change Georgia pardon law for Trump

DESPERATION: MAGA supporters want to change Georgia pardon law for Trump

The GOP’s destruction of the rule of law continues apace as some of Trump’s biggest supporters are urging the Georgia legislature to change Georgia law to allow his pardon by the governor. Meanwhile, other MAGA faithful decry the end of the Republic.

Georgia’s State Constitution requires a five-person State Board of Pardons and Paroles to be the body that grants pardons.

The hard-right MAGA believers aren’t taking the Georgia RICO charges well — perhaps because they’re confident they can win in 2024 and then Trump can pardon himself out of anything.

But in Georgia, that Board stands in the way.

On Monday night, at least one Trump supporter suggested the law be changed. MAGA fanatics are furious enough to do it.

The Daily Beast reports:

“’Stalin would be proud’ of the Fulton County indictment, claimed right-wing radio host Mark Levine during a Monday night appearance on Fox News. (Not mentioned during the broadcast: emails from the January 6 committee show Levin chatting with John Eastman, a Trump attorney who was also charged in the Georgia racketeering case.)”

Newt Gingrich had to get involved. Before reading his quote, remember that he’s from the party that ransacked the U.S. Capitol putting lives in danger (And killing five people in the process while “contributing” to the death of a Capitol Police officer). Again, as the Daily Beast quotes:

“We are drifting towards the greatest constitutional crisis since the 1850s. [The criminal charges against Trump are] a desperate last ditch effort by a corrupt machine to destroy their most dangerous opponent.”

Well, we agree on one thing. Trump has proven himself to be the most dangerous opponent.

He has promised to send troops into “Democratic-run cities that aren’t enforcing the law properly” and cut 50,000 civil service positions, including the FBI and DOJ, in order to fill the positions with loyalists.

Sounds like a fascist to me. He has also said that he is the MAGAs’ “vengeance” and noted that if people come at him, he will be coming after them.

Indeed, Gingrich says the situation is so serious that the law should be changed.

On Monday night, MAGA supporter Mike Davis – Mike Davis, the former Chief Counsel for Nominations to Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley, said:

“Under the Georgia law, there is a statute that limits the Republican governor’s ability to pardon, and I think that the legislature in Georgia needs to amend that statute and give Governor Kemp the ability to pardon in this situation because this is clear election interference.”

Somehow to Davis, calling the Georgia Secretary of State to say that you won the state and you need him to find 11,700 votes and inciting your people to ransack the Capitol and send the official electors back to the state legislatures is not election interference, but charging Trump with a crime is.

This is the gaslighting Americans must now endure daily. Davis again, as the Daily Beast quotes.

“It is clear Democrat lawfare by Democrat prosecutors where they are trying to have Democrat prosecutors, Democrat judges and Democrat juries and Democrat hellholes decide the next presidential election instead of the American people.”

No one is kicking Trump off the ballot. If he wins, he will almost certainly pardon himself — the ultimate act of injustice if 12 jurors unanimously agree you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Do I even need to note that if a witness testified against Trump during the Trump administration, he or she lost their job or stayed in prison? Those that kept their mouths shut and refused to testify (i.e., General Michael Flynn, Roger Stone, Steve Bannon) were given pardons or commutations.

But according to Trump’s defenders, it’s the Democrats who are doing away with justice.

This situation is just so damned dangerous. Talk like this is what spurns on the violence, as we’ve seen.

Watch for the movement to change the Georgia law to really pick up steam. Governor Brian Kemp is no Trump follower or MAGA fan — indeed, he may be the most anti-Trump governor in America.

But the pressure on Gov. Kemp would be immense if the Georgia legislature changed the Constitution to grant Kemp that power. A denial would be both a profile in courage and damned dangerous.

And we’re just getting started. Wait until the trials begin.

This column is based on original reporting by Kelly Weill of The Daily Beast.

I can be reached at and on Twitter @JasonMiciak.

Editor’s Note: This is an opinion piece reflecting the opinion of the author alone

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