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CO-CONSPIRATOR: How a whistleblower just implicated Sidney Powell

CO-CONSPIRATOR: How a whistleblower just implicated Sidney Powell

CO-CONSPIRATOR: How a whistleblower just implicated Sydney Powell

A former insider turned whistleblower just revealed ties between the Chair of Pennsylvania’s Republican fake electors and the indicted Trump lawyer Sidney Powell, implicating them in dark money cash flows to election auditors in four states with the goal of not solely contesting the 2020 results, but also tampering with future elections.

It is a scheme centered around the Chair of the Republican Party’s fake electors in Pennsylvania named William “Bill” Bachenberg. He was subpoenaed by the House Special Committee to Investigate January 6th in early 2022.

Groups Bachenberg directed were hired and paid for by attorneys acting as his cutouts starting in early 2021 and operating in Michigan, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Georgia through mid-2022.

The multi-state scheme involved Bill Bachenberg as a surreptitious paymaster and strategist funneling cash through lawyers Sidney Powell, who was at the time in Dallas, Texas, and Stephanie Lambert of Detroit, Michigan, to unlawfully obtain election tabulators. His lawyers thus delivered copies of Dominion election software and its hardware into the hands of unwitting cyber security companies who thought they were genuinely being paid to find system flaws.

It started to unravel in July 2023 when Bill Bachenberg didn’t pay his auditors, and one filed suit in federal court.

Bachenberg himself believed to be working at Donald Trump’s behest and had good reason to believe that, says whistleblower Mike Ryan. He said the semi-retired tech CEO often spoke of “seeing 45” or speaking with “45” after having had a direct role in the 2020 campaign managing an official coalition partner group.

In Georgia, the allegations outlined by Fulton County’s District Attorney Fani Willis that are leveled against Sidney Powell for her role in Trump’s 2020 election include her attempts to breach that state’s Coffee County.

“It was a joint operation with Bill Bachenberg in Coffee County, Georgia,” says Ryan, who worked for Bachenberg as a professional fundraiser. “In an email that is mentioned in Fani Willis’ RICO indictment of Donald Trump, Act 155 describes how Stephanie Lambert got the invoices from a firm SullivanStrickland, to breach Coffee County’s election systems. Powell hired them. Lambert is known to be referenced there as unindicted co-conspirator #30 in Georgia’s case against Trump.”

Thus, Bill Bachenberg’s funds were funneled into Sidney Powell’s hands in early January 2021 through the Michigan lawyer who is now indicted in her home state.

In Michigan and Pennsylvania, the transactions involving Bill Bachenberg and Lambert led to a July 2023 lawsuit over their refusal to release payment and for defamation filed by Yaakov Applebaum, a forensic technology specialist and former aide to Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) who owns the cybersecurity company XRVision Ltd.

Applebaum is best known as the person hired by a Delaware computer store to copy a hard drive belonging to the beleaguered Hunter Biden’s laptop, son of the current President.

Now, the computer expert is seeking $550,00 in unpaid bills and $5 million each in compensatory and punitive damages from Bachenberg and Lambert for his services in tiny, rural Fulton County, Pennsylvania.

It was Bill Bachenberg’s funds that were sent to now-indicted Michigan lawyer Stephanie Lambert in the form of a million-dollar line of credit. She used that money to commission the alleged voting equipment tampering crime. Lambert is charged alongside Matt DePerno, the losing GOP Michigan Attorney General candidate who was also indicted in early August. A staunch Bannon ally, DePerno was one of Sidney Powell’s promoters for the shady non-profits who funded her Defending the Republic charity, which later landed them under investigation by Florida’s charity regulators.

Pennsylvania’s Secretary of State decertified voting machines in Fulton County because of the audits, which were also conducted by XRVision, WakeTSI, and three other companies.

How did WakeTSI, the company that gained notoriety for its audit of the election results in Arizona, land in a 14,000-person county on the other side of the country? They were hired at Lambert’s request after Bachenberg used his sway to get the county commission to appoint the Michigan lawyer as Special Counsel.

Fulton County sued the Pennsylvania secretary of state over their decision, lost, and got sanctioned by the court.

“This was never about looking for dead people’s votes,” says Mike Ryan, who worked for 30 months with Bachenberg starting in February 2020, “This was about securing the 2024 election, no matter what.”

“Why do you go to counties where Trump won with 70% of the vote? You go to copy the Dominion operating systems for future needs.” – Mike Ryan

Ryan met with the FBI, as a prosecutor from Special Counsel Jack Smith’s office was present, at the Washington, D.C. Field Office this February. He provided relevant emails about the meeting to this author.

Significant information in this report comes from whistleblower Mike Ryan’s inside knowledge of the Bachenberg scheme, from which a daunting picture emerges of a combination of dark money from the retired cybersecurity CEO funneled through two lawyers and on to groups who unlawfully breached election systems in multiple states.

This story is also based upon information from two criminal indictments, one in Fulton County, Georgia, and another by a Special Prosecutor in Michigan, plus court filings from ongoing civil proceedings in Michigan federal court and between the Pennsylvania Secretary of State and Fulton County, Pa (both from the Special Master report and the final order of sanctions). In addition, it is supported by numerous public records from companies doing election audits of the 2020 election in Maricopa County, Arizona.

The sophisticated scheme was directed from Allentown, Pennsylvania, under the direction of the reclusive former NRA Board Member Bill Bachenberg. He founded and sold the cybersecurity firm DBSi in 2012, where he remained as a technical Senior Advisor. Until 2019, Bachenberg was an NRA board member.

In October 2020, Bachenberg made brief headlines with his “Sportsmen for Trump” group, which held a fundraiser at the Rod Of Iron Ministries, a church that worships the AR-15 rifle and descends from the religious group known as the Moonies. It turns out that Sportsmen for Trump was an official arm or coalition group of Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign with its own web subdomain.

A source once close to Sidney Powell with personal knowledge of her actions after November 2020 didn’t know about her alleged intrusion into Georgia’s election systems but spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe their personal recollection of the December 18th, 2020, White House meeting she attended with Patrick Byrne and Gen. Michael Flynn.

The source found it ironic that the December 18th meeting was cited for joining Powell to Fulton County’s RICO conspiracy indictment.

“There was such a distance between the two [Trump and Powell] on a meeting of the minds,” they said. “She was livid with the outcome of the meeting. She lost respect for him [Trump] because he wouldn’t do the crap she wanted him to do, and it was cray cray. That is accurate 100%.”

The meeting is described as Act 90 in her racketeering indictment. (Byrne reportedly scarfed down meatballs like popcorn from the president’s chef at said meeting.) Powell later cited Coffee County in draft executive orders she gave to then-President Trump at that meeting.

“That’s the [document that Trump didn’t even read,” Patrick Byrne told this author about the meeting, referring to the executive orders presented. “It was at the end of the presentation. Everyone in the room turned me down, including Trump. Twice.”

Byrne provided his first-hand account (pages 61-67) of the White House meeting in which he proposed having government agencies make images of election equipment in the “six anchor cities of six swing states, the obvious ones,” which he identified to this author as “Maricopa (Ariz.), Clark (Nev.), Wayne (Mi.), Milwaukee (Wi.), Fulton (Ga.), Philadelphia, Pa.” His account says they presented multiple proposed executive orders, more than the one above.

Sidney Powell’s November 2020 lawsuit in Georgia concerned only the Atlanta-area Cobb, Gwinett, and Cherokee counties, not Coffee County.

Emails from Powell connect her to the Coffee County, Georgia, election intrusion.

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