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NO WAY: Marjorie Taylor Greene REJECTED by Trump’s MAGA supporters

NO WAY: Marjorie Taylor Greene REJECTED by Trump’s MAGA supporters

The Georgia Q-Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene has expressed her interest in being vice president, but Trumpworld really doesn’t want her.

When Marjorie Taylor Greene admitted that becoming Donald Trump’s Vice President in his hypothetical second term was her political fantasy, perhaps she didn’t realize just how misogynistic and capricious her party can be.

That’s not to say they wouldn’t put a woman in office — after all, they’ve elected her twice and there are several other women they rate more highly than her as potential VPs — but it does mean they’ve got very strong feelings about women’s behavior, especially when that behavior is ambitious.

Greene’s pattern of attaching herself to certain men in the party and on the fringes of right-wing movements has not endeared her to voters on the whole, and she currently sits in tenth place among potential running mates for a candidate who may not even be eligible to be on the ballot himself, as challenges proceed.

How did a candidate who shot onto the scene “owning the libs” with violent and threatening campaign ads in which she brandishes an AR15 and promises to keep “antifa” out of Georgia, make it to a point where much of the party deems her a joke and won’t consider her as an option? Newsweek reports:

“Notably, only 1 percent of 2020 Trump voters want Greene to be his 2024 running mate, should the former president secure the GOP nomination. This puts [her] behind [Vivek] Ramaswamy at 30 percent, [Mike] Pence at 12 percent, [Ron] DeSantis at 10 percent, [Kari] Lake at 6 percent, [Nikki] Haley and [Robert F.] Kennedy Jr. at 5 percent each, and both [Tim] Scott and Ivanka [Trump] at 3 percent apiece.”

A lot of influencers in Trumpworld hate her, though. Stop The Steal organizer Ali Alexander, for instance, has been at war with her for some time over the weird quadrangle between himself, Nick Fuentes, Milo Yiannopolis, and Greene.

This week Alexander attacked her hypothetical candidacy in a social media post, saying:

“PRESIDENT Trump would never pick a woman who looks like a man as his VP (Marjorie Tr***y Greene) when, if he’s going to pick a woman, he’d pick the hottest Governor Kristi Noem. Noem is a statewide elected official, served in Congress usefully, is hot, keeps her family together, and has Corey as her consultant. Marje waxes her mustache.”

Suggesting women they don’t like must be transgender is becoming a conservative tradition, as former First Lady Michelle Obama could surely attest.

It’s not just Alexander, though. For the past year, right-wing influencers have been on the attack.

Convicted Capitol rioter Anthime Gionet, better known as livestreamer Baked Alaska, started spreading a story last year that Greene had “hooked up” with Twitter troll Alex Stein, and that this was the cause of her divorce. He called her a “wh*re” and encouraged his fans in mockery and disdain of her.

Then, as the new Congress was seated at the beginning of 2023, she attached herself to the embattled House Speaker candidate Kevin McCarthy, to the disgust and frustration of many MAGA enthusiasts who opposed him for reasons including his failure to produce video evidence that Capitol rioters were somehow innocent and his open acknowledgment (however brief) that Donald Trump was behind the attack.

Bit by bit, she’s alienated several sub-factions of Trump lovers, not through her political ignorance, xenophobia, or QAnon affiliation (though those have alienated plenty of more rational voters) — but through her cling-wrap-style ambition.

Check out the clip below from last year, in which she admits she’d love to be veep.

Steph Bazzle covers politics and theocracy, always aiming for a world free from extremism and authoritarianism. Follow Steph on Twitter @imjustasteph.

Stephanie Bazzle
Steph Bazzle is a news writer who covers politics and theocracy, always aiming for a world free from extremism and authoritarianism. Follow Steph on Twitter @imjustasteph. Sign up for all of her stories to be delivered to your inbox here:

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