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STOLEN VALOR: Why are Republicans such hypocrites about 9-11?

STOLEN VALOR: Why are Republicans such hypocrites about 9-11?

It is all but impossible to understand how a member of Congress could vote against federal aid to 9-11 workers suffering from chronic diseases.

And yet, there are 30 Republicans who did just that last year on one bill and nearly all Republicans on a previous bill.

Back on 9-11-2001, there was an awareness that the dust could pose some danger to the workers.

It just didn’t matter. These people couldn’t be held back.

They had reason to think there may be survivors in that pile. And then, they felt obligated to get the bodies of their brothers and sisters — their fellow first responders —  out.

They had reason to believe there was danger.

I cannot know with certainty, but I don’t think anyone knew that the diseases would be so widespread, chronic, and debilitating. Many people who worked on the disaster and its cleanup have died.

Donald Trump stiffed 9-11 families on another issue. But this article focuses on money for 9-11 workers who are sick.

Many in Congress, including many Republicans, believe that they have a sacred duty, similar to their duty to the Veterans Administration, to care for the people still struggling with their health.

Last year, as nothing more than a political punch at President Biden — who had beaten the GOP at their own game a week before — Republicans voted down a bill that would have helped 9-11 victims. Ted Cruz was seen celebrating as one who voted it down.

A bill was eventually passed that provided assistance, but some of us will never forget the original reaction.

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John Stewart gave some of the best testimony ever given to Congress and shamed the Republicans who would go on to vote the bill down:

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Meidas Touch has a good article out today on the 30 Republicans who voted against the bill that did pass. And yet today they had the nerve to send out messages about never forgetting 9-11.

Rep. Andy Biggs of Arizona:

Lauren Boebert (Of course):

I will also note that it was George W. Bush — who, for one week, was fantastic — who led a speech by saying, “Freedom itself was attacked today.”

It was – in part – an attack on Democracy, similar to January 6th. And look who doesn’t care who is fighting for democracy now:

Rep. Ken Buck:

There are so many more that can be found here at Meidas Touch.

I want this article to also focus on the way things are supposed to be done, as demonstrated by a man whose heart has always been in the right place regarding 9-11 and his faith in this country’s unity.

As I write at this moment, Joe Biden is giving one of his most powerful speeches yet. He is focused on 9-11 but also on the unity this country needs. He told the story about his “very close friend John McCain.”

Anyone who ever says that President Biden is too old, or is addled, or whatever, should be sat down and forced to listen to the speech he is giving in Alaska. He is on his way back from a G-20 meeting in India. He also had meetings in Vietnam.

He stopped again in Alaska to give this speech after such a grueling trip, and he’s at the top of his game, even yelling into the microphone about this country rallying together.

It is symbolic. He is strong. And he’s never stronger than when defending the United States. He is defending a united United States. He is both angry and optimistic.

He is hitting the perfect tone on a difficult day.

That’s what he does.

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